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romance mods...question


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i'm brand new to baldur's gate, just never picked it up before. i love the game now


i haven't modded anything yet. my question is, if i install 3rd party romance/npc mods, can i romance them all at once? i read somewhere that they only conflict with the vanilla romances. i also think i read that you don't need any romance cheats/multiple romance mods to do this.


i've done some research and am thinking about taking some of the following mods through, in different games, but i don't want to play one game for each of them:


saerileth, fade, kim, tashia, tyris, amber, maybe some others.


thanks in advance, you guys are great! :thumbsup:

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There's a conflict script packaged with the Crossmod Banter Pack that you can use to make it so that you can't romance multiple mod NPCs at once. Some NPCs do incorporate that script within the mod itself, but (as far as I'm aware) most don't, and the older ones probably don't. So while I can't say 100% that you'll be okay with that combination, it's probably doable.

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A very strong chance.


As for compatibility, you should be able to find that information in the readme or on the mod's forum. You might not be able to play with Fade and Saerileth at the same time, since if I recall correctly, Saerileth won't stick around if you don't take her special third path to Spellhold, and Fade requires you to side with Linvail.


What do you mean, how it will affect lovetalks? Technically speaking, it shouldn't affect them at all. Thematically speaking, it may be a bit weird if you're romancing multiple people, though.

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ok, thanks for the tip on the fade/saerileth.


and thanks for the info about amber.


Lovetalks: i read somewhere that if you multi-romance you don't get all the lovetalks, or only get one npc's lovetalks at the expense of the others, but i think that was when romancing with vanilla npcs vs mod npcs. i'm pretty sure that person had the ease of use mod installed, or a similar one, that allowed that. i was just curious if you knew how npc mod lovetalks reacted to other npc mod lovetalks, if there were any bugs.


yes, it is a bit weird. but so's a lot of the npc mods out there. :) weird seems to be the thing with baldur;s gate

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Yeah, it's an odd concept. I never multi-romance. Wouldn't even if I was "lacking time" or had some other excuse.

Just one every playthrough. Makes it special, allows me to form a friendship, if available, with some, while romancing another, and vice versa.


As for compatibility, I seem to recall that if you want to install Edwin Romance and Tsujatha, install Edwin Romance first. Current version readme states that information's outdated, though.

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