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Android- arie and the beast bug


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I just reinstalled gemrb on my device (galaxy s) and having issues with the circus tent and arie. whether its with the illusion sword or after killing kalah when Ariel shape back to.her original form the game crushes.. does anybody knows how to fix this?

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Use the latest weekly build, I'm pretty sure this was already fixed, sometime after 0.7.0.


We should make a 0.7.1 soon, but there were some heavy changes done, so thorough testing is needed. That takes time though ...

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I think it doesn't matter to gemrb, but the original has it under [Game Options].

Well, the section doesn't matter.

And i hope neither the spaces/caps.


In baldur.ini


[Game Options]

Auto Pause State = ...

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another problem which I didn't had in previous versions of gemrb - the rest option working only on maps without monsters. if there are monsters, even after you kill any monster near you you get the "you can't rest here monsters nearby " massage

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