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[Fixed in v2] Slight issues


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Ran across an issue with the Alora mod for BG2. She's being detected when running Level 1 NPCs, but if I actually try to tweak her stats, I get the following error message: "resource "alora.cre" not found for 'COPY' ". It's not a big problem, because otherwise, she works with the mod just fine, it's just that I wanted to change her back to a plain thief rather than a swashbuckler, and it doesn't seem to be possible. Now, I'm not sure whether this is coming from Level 1 NPCs or from the Alora mod itself. If it's the latter, then feel free to ignore this.


Another quick question: the Level 1 NPCs description page lists Yeslick in the "mod NPCs" section. And yet, he's also listed in the "NPCs to be added in next release" thread. So I just wanted to clarify: has he already been included, or not yet? If not, then all is fine. If he was supposed to be included, then he's not being detected.

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Fixed locally. You'll have to change the COPY_EXISTING ~%tutu_var%alora.cre~ to ~alora09.cre~ in the first COPY_EXISTING in the Alora section (around line 11720 or so) if you're using the Alora mod.


The current code does not yet support the recent Yeslick NPC mod. It does support a couple of pre-existing Yeslick variants, not sure from where exactly.

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