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Baldur's Gate II SoA + ToB Mod Install Order


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Hi guys,


It's been a long time since I've last played the BG series ( 7 years I think) and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic (Mass Effect 3 Ending >_<), a friend of mine suggested I try modding the game for an enhanced expericence but I'm having some installation problems. Can someone help me? : ) .Here's the modlist.


BG2 Fixpack


Rogue Rebalancing

One Pixel Productions

Quest Pack

Banter Pack


Return to Trademeet

Shadows Over Soubar

Colours of Infinity

Unfinished Business

BG2 Tweaks



PS: I'm using the GOG version.

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I usually try to follow the installation instructions in the BiG World PDF.
It didn't help, actually i'm more confused now xD



Perhaps the advice should be "follow the installation order in the BiG World PDF." You can install the mods yourself manually, just use the guide as a, well, guide, to determine in which order the mods should go.


In fact, here's some homework for you: read the Guide, determine the suggested mod order, then post it here so that we can confirm you're on the right path.

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Ok, here we go:



BG2 Fixpack v9

Shadows Over Soubar

Tales of the Deep Garden


White Queen

Viconia Friendship

Banter pack v12

Unfinished Businsess v19

BG2 Tweak v9

One Pixel Producations v2.7

One Pixel Productions v3 Avatar Fixes

Rogue Rebalancing



Some mods components (BG2 Fixpack) don't recognize ToB. I have the GOG version

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That install order looks fine. Be sure to use the BG2 Fixpack from this thread as it fixes an incompability with Ascension. You can find the latest BG2 Tweaks in this thread.


Thanks guys. Just one thing, do I need to download the latest WeiDU version?

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I don't think you need to download the newest weidu.exe, just go with the versions already within the mods.


Some mods components (BG2 Fixpack) don't recognize ToB. I have the GOG version


I think the GOG-ToB issue might be easy to resolve: from Jarno's FAQ for the Megamods -

Because the GoG version is not totally alike the original, you should rename the readme as "BG2-ToBPatchReadMe.txt" and copy the 25movies.bif file from the data directory to the C:\BWS\BGII - SoA\CD5\movies\ -directory.
Or in your case, copy from the \data folder to the \CD5\movies folder, both located within your BG2 game folder.


Then try to reinstall those components, it might work. WARNING: you'll have to re-install afresh, as those BG2 Fixpack components should be installed before the lower mods.

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