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Romance Tweaks


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I've read that the multiple romance component causes the stutter bug with mod npcs, yet the BWP does install it per default. Would I be better off disabling it? Or does this only apply for the nothing kills romance component?

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Sorry nobody has replied, but I've read the same thing. I believe that the multi-romance only refers to Bioware romances and not the mods. This component is said to be a nightmare. It's not worth the risk if you have ANY mod romances installed. Just disable it, is my advice. :)

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It's the "Nothing kills romances" component.


Here's why: The mod romance becomes committed. The BioWare romance shuts off. The romance tweak script from the BioWare NPC turns the romance back on. The mod romance shuts it off again. Ad nauseum.


Some mods are coded to allow compatibility with the multi-romance tweak (with console use), but you will need to ask on the specific forum about the ones you are interested in.

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