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Third Edition versions of Second Edition IE Games

Ishad Nha

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All Infinity Engine games use the Second Edition D&D rules, with the sole exception of Icewind Dale 2 which uses the Third Edition.

Wes Weimer produced Icewind Gate 2 Beta, a mod which runs the BG2 files on the Icewind Dale 2 game engine. Thus the mod was a Third Edition version of Baldurs Gate 2. Then Nameless One produced a Delta version which was notably improved.

There were still numerous small problems so I had a go at fixing a few of the files in the Delta version. What I repeatedly found was that the side problems came from the BG2 game using functions that IWD2 simply lacked.

Can GemRB use Actions (functions) from more than one IE game? If so, that would make it much easier to produce 3E versions of the 2E games. An Icewind Gate 2 mod could be run on the Gem version of Icewind Dale 2. It could call functions that originally were found in the BG2 game.

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Yes, you can use actions that are defined in at least one game.

You have to provide an altered action/object/trigger ids.

If you changed their opcode, you have to recompile the bcs file using them.

Dialogs are fine.

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"You have to provide an altered action/object/trigger ids."

That would be no big deal, as long as the numbering to the left is not going to cause any problems:

0 NoAction()

1 ActionOverride(O:Actor*,A:Action*)

2 AddWayPoint(P:WayPoint*)

3 Attack(O:Target*)


319 ForceSpellPointRangeRES(S:RES*,P:Target)

337 ReallyForceSpellPointRES(S:RES*,P:Target*)

338 SetCutSceneLite(I:BOOL*BOOLEAN)


Both games use the same sorts of numbers on the left side of the Ids files. If the game references the Actions by number rather than by name... crash time!

Op codes I have not looked at.

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