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Translations for v10

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Alright, I've got my local setup.tra updated with all of this. On @198 I just change the phrase to be more explicit (since it already mentions Lightning Bolt by name) so that it reads "It casts Lightning Bolt, and if circumstances warrant it, it can Call Lightning to blast enemies to dust."



No new insights here. As I said earlier, impclaw.itm doesn't slay opponents who miss the saving throw. Its only melee ability effect is a poison effect with zero duration. All ToB familiars receive mild improvements over their SoA versions, such as changing the melee damage from 1d3 to 1d6 (the ferret) or gaining the ability to drain dexterity (the quasit), for instance. I don't think being able to kill an opponent like a vorpal sword is in line with your typical familiar's ability. Interestingly, the SoA imp's attack (imp.itm) already has the poison effect but with zero probability and zero duration, and for ToB (impclaw.itm) they "activated" the poison effect by changing the probability to 100%, but they left the duration at zero. My idea would be to let the ToB imp do some actual poison damage by changing the duration to non-zero.


imp.itm and impqua.itm had the same spurious/nonworking poison effect, which we already disable. impclaw.itm will be added to the existing patch and the string updated.


Also walked through the GTU/GTUL to make sure these changes got propagated out.

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Good job, all of it. :)


I'll be taking care of the update to the German translation for version 11 until further notice. Adjusting @165 the way you did is the first item on my list so far.


And while reviewing the changes in v10.01, I stumbled upon some more errors in the English files:



@197: Fireball-Lighting Bolt >> Fireball-Lightning Bolt



@1039627: Fireball-Lighting Bolt >> Fireball-Lightning Bolt



@1017643: then >> than

@1039627: Fireball-Lighting Bolt >> Fireball-Lightning Bolt

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