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Baldur's Gate Survey


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Okay, I'll answer it honestly(hey, who would've thought Anomen was my favourite BG2 NPC, even over Edwin?), but what is it for?

Also answered it and had a similar double-take moment when I realised that my favourite BG2 NPC was...Jan. Yes, also over Edwin. He would not be pleased. No such surprises for BG1 though, Kivan all the way.
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I chose Minsc and Edwin for BG2, too. Viconia... maybe? It's really a pity Beamdog/Overhaul company didn't hire BG1 and BG2 voice talent - with some voiced banter, the fans would be over the moon, not to mention real, voiced BG1 NPCs in BG2! I wonder how expensive it might've been.

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