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Download problem: error [#10843]


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So, I went to Keeping Yoshimo mod site, http://www.gibberlings3.net/yoshi/ and clicked the download button, and got

[#10843] You do not have access to this section of the site.

And the Readme link didn't work, either.


Naturally, I want to visit every section of the site and steal the cookie jar, too. But does it mean the download link's broken, or that the mod isn't available for download and the Readme link/Download button shouldn't be there at all?

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Good grief, I hope I still have the .rar for this mod somewhere, lol. I'm currently checking to see if I still have a copy.


There won't be any further work on this mod, btw. It allows the player to keep Yoshimo, after his brief absence while the party completes the Spellhold dungeon crawl. There are a number of dialogues with Yoshimo about why he is avoiding Spellhold and his explanation of the whole geas thing. There's also a fight later on with a trio of mages who, per this new subplot, have been hunting Yoshimo.


Some of the grander plans Icendoan and I had to develop the mod further never came to fruition.


I used this mod several times with BGT back in 2008 and it ran perfectly stably, for me at least. (And those games were loaded up to the gills with dozens of other mods.)


In any event, I think this mod may be considered complete (as it's gonna get, anyway). And it does achieve what it basically set out to do.


I have to say,it was great fun to play with Yoshimo for the full game. He was a powerhouse by the end of ToB. I was very pleasantly surprised with how strong a character he became.


There may be other mods that do the same thing by now, and perhaps more. But if someone wants a short and sweet way of keeping Yoshi, with a reasonably well written story and dialogue, this mod can still find some use.

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I see that in this thread (titled "Updates") there is a link to an attached file "__Yoshi.zip" which it appears should be the most recent version of the mod, i.e., v0.72. I don't have BG2 installed to confirm, but the folder seems to have the mage duo encounter content, and it was last updated it July 3, 2010.


Right below the version history Icendoan writes under "Notes":


I will only upload the files without the WeiDU installer, because it was taking up too much room. To install, simply rename a WeiDU.exe to Setup-#!Yoshi.exe and run it in your BG2 directory after extracting the attached files there. (You can download the latest version of WeiDU here.)


The WeiDU link that Icen posted is broken, but I would imagine the most recent version of WeiDU will now be found here.


So one would follow Icen's instructions for renaming a WeiDU.exe as directed, extract the folder contents to the BG2 directory, and it looks like you should be able to then run setup.


If anyone has the time to test this I'd be curious to see how well it runs.


When BG2:EE comes out I lack the coding skills to adapt this mod to BG2:EE but if anyone is willing to adopt this mod I can be available to help in whatever ways I can.


As I said, this mod is as finished as it's going to get (unless someone is interested in developing it further). I think it's fine as is, honestly. It does what it sets out to accomplish: it allows you to play with Yoshimo to the end (although he won't be available during Spellhold). It features an acceptable plot device to justify alterations to the game's story about Yoshimo. The mod's story and dialogue get the job done well enough. It provides a very challenging battle and fun loot drop.


I think that's plenty. I don't know that I would even want more than that, anyway.

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I think you are completely right - sometimes less is more, and since it's written well in accordance with the game, it's all a player will need.


I'd still say it'd be good to fix the website's download link, though, because not every player will search patiently through forum threads, then download Weidu separately, rename the exe file correctly and so on.

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I'd still say it'd be good to fix the website's download link, though, because not every player will search patiently through forum threads, then download Weidu separately, rename the exe file correctly and so on.

I've fixed the download link so it goes to the appropriate topic now. If Lemernis wants to prepare a readme, we can put that up.

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Awesome, thanks! I should have a readme together in about a week or so. I think I will install BG2 again and playtest the mod again, in order to reacquaint myself with it.


If it seems to run okay, perhaps someone with more skills than I have might be able to see about putting the mod into the standard G3 format for download.

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