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Shapeshifter Rebalance - extra spells


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Is Jaheira not supposed to have the new spells (chant, sanctuary, etc) too? I'm guessing she is, but she doesn't in my installation. I've both reinstalled the tweak pack and done a completely fresh install just to fix this and she still doesn't have the new spells. Every druid I roll has them, though. I haven't reached Cernd yet to see what's up with his spellbook, since I've been busier trying to figure this thing out than actually playing the game. :p


At first, I thought it might be some kind of interference from 1pp's tweaked spells component, which changes the cause wounds line a bit and therefore could be breaking something in the divine spellbook, but the time I did a fresh install I left that out and the problem persists.


What could be happening, do you think?

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