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Damage reduction broken?


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Hi. Looking at various items in Near Infinity, it looks like physical damage reduction, damage reduction (436) is always set 0. Only the Armageddon chain mail of the tester had it set correctly.


00BRACHF says 5/1 DR, it has 0/1

00CLCKMB says 5/1 DR, it has 0/1


I'm trying to make a 1/1 DR item. This is possible, right?



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Probably (I know only for gemrb), since there are not many non 5 multiples in there. I think aegis of rhyme could be one of them (40/-?), but it could also be using the iwd2 stoneskin opcode.

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Ok, so it's just another nice gemrb extension to be able to use param1. Since they do use param2, param1 may be used for something else, but like I said, all found cases had 0.

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