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Thieves' Store?

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I see that you're including a Bard's Store. Any thought to including a Thieves' Store? I don't mean a glorigied fence selling the normal junk, but a thieves store that sells some decent thieves' equipment.


Some thoughts...


In IWD1, there's some minor thieves' type of equipment that's not over powered like quiet boots, boots of the fox, and a shadowed cloak that would make nice stuff for a store.


Also, a large supply of poisoned throwing daggers. Perhaps a returning poisoned throwing dagger. Arrows and Bolts of Biting would seem obvious. Perhaps even create some sort of "bullet" of Biting as well. Perhaps bring the Venom dagger from BG1 into BG2. And/or create a poisoned short sword. (Yes, there is a "poison" theme here.)


Perhaps some sort of thief's bow... a nice +1 or +2 short bow that gives some plusses to move silently and/or hide in shadows. Perhaps even Invis 1/day.


Other stuff like potions of Master Theivery, Perception, Power, Antidote, and/or STR. Potions that are very thieving related.



Just some thoughts. I'm not thinking about "great" equipment. Perhaps just cheaper stuff with smaller bonuses.

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