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Latest WeiDU?


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That is the official site, and the last official release, WeiDU 231, was in November 2011 by the_bigg.


Wisp has taken over development and is preparing version 232. On the WeiDU forums, he has been releasing beta versions that support BGEE to some extent. The latest beta is version 231.09.




I'll check out the WeiDu forum for any warnings about using that.


Also, I had thought I posted this is in General Modding topics, mostly because I didn't know there was a Q&A forum - did somebody move them?


No problems, I would have posted here if I'd realized it existed, it just really confused me. I wasn't sure if I'd hallucinated posting or if they'd been deleted, LOL! It's sad to be so easily confounded, LOL!

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Well drat! The beta version of WeiDu has to be compiled - which requires me to download a bunch of stuff, set up a bunch of stuff, and then go through the whole process of getting everything to play nice together. Aside from my long-absence from the programming field (retired here) and my general level of decrepitude, I'm in the process of getting ready to move halfway across the country in less than 5 days. My son thinks we can finish packing by Saturday (I've done all the - minimal - packing up to now).


*I* think that he is not taking into account my bad back and the knee I hurt in aqua aerobics (of all things! So much for low impact, LOL) last week.


We'll see.


Regardless it'll be probably over a month before I have things organized enough post-move to be able to do all that.


Rats! I had hoped for an installable version I could dink around with in my downtime for the next few days, before finally packing up the computer.


Thanks for the heads-up anyway. I'll still need it eventually, LOL!

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Well drat! The beta version of WeiDu has to be compiled
Nope, you just have to download the right archive from the link in the topic... it's the Windows binary, which is a .zip archive, most likely... after you exrtact that to your download folder, you open up the folder and find the weidu.exe and rename that as you like ... say as "setup-honestbard.exe ... without the quote marks. Amd then you make a new .txt file and rename that as "setup-honestbard.tp2" again without the quotes nor the .txt extension and open that with Notepad and begin coding the kit...

After that's where you hope it to be, you copy those and the mod folder to your game folder and run the setup-*my mod name*.exe which allows you to install the kit based on the setup-*my mod name*.tp2 ...

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