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Install Error


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Error message:

ERROR: Failure("resource [am0304.wav] not found for 'COPY'")


Relevant section of .tp2:

// The following copies sounds used in the new areas to override so that they function


COPY_EXISTING ~ams602j1.wav~ ~override/ams602j1.wav~ // in AREA060A.BIF

COPY_EXISTING ~ams602j2.wav~ ~override/ams602j2.wav~ // in AREA060A.BIF

COPY_EXISTING ~am0304.wav~ ~override/am0304.wav~ // in AREA030A.BIF

COPY_EXISTING ~am0307.wav~ ~override/am0307.wav~ // in AREA030A.BIF

COPY_EXISTING ~am0315.wav~ ~override/am0315.wav~ // in AREA030B.BIF

COPY_EXISTING ~am0603.wav~ ~override/am0603.wav~ // in AREA060A.BIF


COPY_EXISTING looks for a file that already exists in the game. This particular file is not added by a mod, so it should be present if you performed a full SoA installation (look for CD2/Data/AREA030A.bif).


Your unusual mod installation environment could be to blame.

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Yes, I did a full install from GOG version. Very strange. Other NPC mods: Indira, Gavin, Angelo, Keto, Kelsey, Fade, Valen, etc. all install fine. Guess I'll be skipping Amber again. Good thing I plan to play a fighter/thief this play through, but I like having her along when I don't.

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