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Mod Installation Question


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Hi, I currently just finished a playthrough of BG2+TOB with the current mods installed. G3 fixpacks, Unfinished business, SCS2, Ascencion and Widescreen mod.


I want to play again, but this time I would like to add Tactics mod for ONLY for the Acid Kensai battle, Red Badge, the Ritual, and maybe that gnome or hafling at the docks. I would also like to install the Solifien Mod to do the Eclipse battle.


I installed the mods I currently have in an order I found in a thread in this site, I'd rather not install them again (unless I have to), so my question is, if I install these 2 above mods and components ontop of what I currently have, will I ruin my other mod installs?


Thanks in advance

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SCS2 Readme, Compatibility section:

Compatibility between Tactics and SCS II depends on the components:
  • Components which have a direct SCS II analogue: common sense applies, only install the ones you want. These are: Improved Bodhi, Improved Golems, Improved Irenicus in Hell, Improved D'Arnise Keep, Improved Kangaxx, Improved Mind Flayers, Smarter Dragons, Smarter Beholders, Slightly Smarter Mages and Liches, Slightly Tougher Demons, Streamlined Trolls (which overlaps with SCS II's "Resilient Trolls"), Tougher Druid Grove (the Faldorn part ovelaps with SCS II's) Improved Faldorn, Improved Sahuagin City, and Improved Demon Knights (which overlaps with SCS II's Improved Fiends component).
  • Components with no overlap with SCS II: should be compatible. These are: Improved Ilyich, the Ritual, Kuroisan, Red Badge, Lich in the Docks, Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks, Improved Crypt King, Improved Nymphs, and the kits. Install these before SCS II.
  • The "Improved Maevar" component is incompatible with SCS II's "Smarter Arcane Spellcasters". Only install one of them.
  • The "Always Toughest Random Spawns" component is basically the same as the toughest setting of SCS II's "Increase difficulty of level-dependent monster groupings" component. I recommend that you use the latter, as it has the same overall effect but is coded in a way that will cause fewer problems for SCS II and other mods. (The Tactics version is known to cause some (harmless) warnings when installed with some components of SCS II.)
  • Improved Undead is probably not 100% compatible with SCS II. If you want to try it anyway, it will need to be installed after SCS II (it's the only component of Tactics for which this is true).
  • Tougher Druid Grove may or may not be compatible with SCS II's "Smarter Divine Spellcasters". Try at own risk.
  • Tougher Fire Giants appears to be compatible with SCS II's "Improved Fire Giant Temple". Install the Tactics version first, and you should find that fire giants get both the Tactics and the SCS II upgrades.

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My advice is risky but I have all this "the Ritual, Kuroisan, Red Badge, Lich in the Docks, Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks, Improved Crypt King" installed after SCS2 and it works.

I don't want the original Tactics AI scripts to be overriden by Smarter Mages from SCS2.

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