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I was reading through the bug list looking for an easy item to solve. :)


One was that Darkmail is not usable by Archers but it does not say it in the description.


Note it shouldn't be usable by Archers, they're limited in armour.


So... do we want to go through items and add kit restrictions to the descriptions? I don't think it is worth it, because:


- People playing a kit should know from character creation onwards what type of equipment they should be restricted from.

- It's a lot of work for little gain. Fancy adding the words 'Kensai' at the bottom of every armour description? ;)

- Conflict with other mods which replace item descriptions. For example, G3 Tweaks and AoE.


Any other thoughts? :) Really I just want to go through and make another thing on that list blue...

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The Baldurdash text update already does this, so you could just copy everything from there.


However, my personal issue with this idea is that it makes new kits stand out even more as mod content, since they're obviously nt listed in the item descriptions.

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The solution that works if an item has lots of restrictions is to change the "unusable by" to a "usable by" prompt and list the classes that can use the item. You may still have some issues with mod kits, but you are going to get some stuff falling through the cracks regardless.

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