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Regarding BG2 Fixpack with BG2:EE

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I actually have a small doubt regarding BG2 Fixpacks (windows) (currently at v10)


Recently, completed my BG2:EE session and thought about asking whether all the fixes from BG2 Fixpack (till date) are implemented in BG2:EE as well?


If you check out the discussions on BG2:EE Forums many players are reporting bugs which were clearly fixed by the BG2 Fixpack in the past.


Since the team was part of BG2:EE development, I am confused whether all the fixpack changes made into final release of BG2:EE and if not, to what extent they are introduced in the BG2:EE by the Developers?


Please let me know about this and what should I expect in future for BG2:EE from the Team of BG2 Fixpack and the Gibberlings3 Modding Community!

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