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1) Blanked out Alhoon soundsets since no other Mind Flayers use any sounds.

COPY_EXISTING ~mindal01.cre~ ~override~
              ~melsum06.cre~ ~override~
SAY 0xc8 #-1
SAY 0xcc #-1
SAY 0xec #-1
SAY 0xf0 #-1
SAY 0x10c #-1
SAY 0x110 #-1
SAY 0x1b8 #-1

melsum06.cre is ToB-only.


2) A couple of thieves no longer use the Shadow Thief soundset when they're not Shadow Thieves.

COPY_EXISTING ~gpthief1.cre~ ~override~
              ~amsi.cre~ ~override~
SAY 0xcc #-1

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