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baldurs gate crashes - fatal signal 11

chuck Norris jr

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Hi, firstly credit to all the developers involved with gemrb, Its amazing to have baldurs gate running on android (I'm using a nexus 7 2013). Baldurs gate was running perfectly but I've run into a few occasions where the game crashes during side quests. I can avoid these certain 'crash points' but I'm missing out on parts of the game which isn't ideal. I downloaded a logcat app to capture what's going on, I have no programming knowledge at all so it means nothing to me but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I purchased the game from GOG games with the expansion pack, downloaded and installed as the guide instructs, I didn't install the tweaks pack as I'm trying to keep the game original so whether this is why I'm running into problems I'm not sure. That's the only deviation I took from the guide but I followed everything else to the letter. The crashing occurs on a few quests, for example when starting a particular quest - a few dialogue options then a battle should begin but gemrb crashes, this is the fatal line from the logcat (I can post the whole logcat if required)


04-12 21:48:53.038 29543 29570 F Libc : Fatal Signal 11: (SIGSEGV) at 0x000010b0 (code=1), thread 29570 (GLThread)


And on another quest but on completion an NPC should die and drop an item


04-12 21:53:36.393 31004 31020 F Libc : Fatal Signal 11: (SIGSEGV) at 0x000010b0 (code=1), thread 31020 (GLThread)


I can see theres a similarity in the two logcats and hopefully there's a solution out there. I'd appreciate any help or knowledge regarding the above, thanks if you took the time to read this through.

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Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the top file from this website



(The one last modified on 2013/05/24)


Uninstalled my previous version, installed this apk then moved my bg1 folder to the usual place and changed the config file. I keep getting an error message saying "failed to load chitin key" in the notification bar after it returns me to the home screen. I have a screenshot I can email you to show my game path but I can assure you it points directly to where the files are stored as I've used root explorer and checked the path of the chitin key and copied that to the letter. Here it is as it appears in the config file









Am I using a wrong version as I saw the latest update is a 12mb file but requires assembling I've read somewhere, I haven't a clue on how to compile those files into a apk. Any further help is appreciated.

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100% that's how gemrb sees the path, checked so many times for spelling errors or characters that may have snuck in but they path given to me by root explorer is a definate match to what is written in the cfg file. I never had to mess about with the permissions when using the play store version but I checked and the files within my bg1 folder are all set to read and write for owner and group, and I checked that both gemrb and my BG files owner and group match which they do (owner - root, group - sdcard-r). Unfortunately the gemrb.log is completely blank

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Ok so I just noticed I have a gemrb folder in my sdcard directory which has a log file in here is the data:


[Core]: GemRB Core Initialization...

[Core]: Initializing Video Driver...

[Core]: Initializing Search Path...

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/override (Override)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/sounds (Sounds)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/scripts (Scripts)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/portraits (Portraits)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data (Data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data/data (CD1/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/CD2/data (CD2/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data/CD2/data (CD2/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/CD3/data (CD3/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data/CD3/data (CD3/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/CD4/data (CD4/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data/CD4/data (CD4/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/CD5/data (CD5/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data/CD5/data (CD5/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/CD6/data (CD6/data)

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/data/CD6/data (CD6/data)

[Core]: Initializing KEY Importer...

[KEYImporter]: Opening /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/chitin.key...

[KEYImporter/ERROR]: Cannot open Chitin.key

[KeyImporter/ERROR]: This means you set the GamePath config variable incorrectly.

[KeyImporter/ERROR]: It must point to the directory that holds a readable Chitin.key

[ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: /sdcard/gemrb/bg1/chitin.key (chitin.key)

[Core/FATAL]: Failed to load "chitin.key"

[Main]: Press enter to continue...


I get the jist of what's going on but can't understand why the apk installs into a folder called app-data then net.sourceforge.gemrb, but then looks for the chitin key in this gemrb folder. I'll try moving the bg files here but would that solve my issues or create future complications?

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I have no idea, there's no other files in the gemrb folder but the log and a cache file so can't understand where this other config file could be hiding. Anyway I moved the BG folder to the random gemrb folder and it works :) but with a few errors. The crashing point has gone but I have no cursor or highlighted ring around characters. Also, I'm guessing I need the full screen patch now, as it plays with a centered tile but surrounding that is a number of duplicate screens playing the game. Anyway thanks for guiding me this far people :)

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