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Improved dragons!


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I was considering the opportunity of adding smarter dragons to my playthrough, but the fact that I also got improved abazigal is kinda scaring me. I remember (but maybe I'm wrong) that right after killing abazigal, or maybe before, there will be a lot of dragons awaiting for me outside his lair, and so basically I don't want ot face (I don't know many dragons?) that have more than 600 hp.

Am I wrong, or these dragons I'm going to meet out of the abazigal's lair get "tweaked" as well?

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go for it!


for me vanilla Abazigal's lair is extremely boring. in Ascension only Abaz is improved, he's lair is still boooring. improved dragons component has some options like "fast, uninterruptible magic" and "more staying power" that you probably should not install if you're scared of imp. Abazigal.


there's like 8 or 9 dragons iirc, it's kinda hard but pretty fun in my opinion. there's one really cool guy called Anadramantis(?). with more HP and aclarity he will kill your party at least a few times I think. Install!! :]

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