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remove innate ability?


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So I'm trying to get my proficiency system overhaul to work with stupid IWDEE's stupid "pre-generate character" routine. Long story short, it grants proficiencies via .spl effect in the CLAB files, but to work with dual-classing it must use 'delay/permanent' timing, and any .spl effect cast with 'delay/permanent' timing in a class's CLAB never fires with IWDEE's 'pre-generated' characters. So I need some kind of workaround to give trueclass characters proficiencies using opcode 233.


So far, it's down to an innate ability: any pre-generated characters who end up with no proficiencies can simply cast this innate to get them. But, in games that begin normally, without pre-generated characters, the PC will have all his/her proficiencies, and I don't want those characters to be saddled with a useless innate ability cluttering up the screen.


"Ah ha!" I say, I'll use the game's bug against it: cast a spell using delay/permanent that removes the innate ability; since it's on a delay, it won't work with pre-generated characters, and they'll get to keep the innate.


Problem is, opcode 172 "remove spell" does not seem to actually remove innate abilities. Boo. Is there any way to do so?


Feh. I suppose I could use an item... AP_xxx a spell in the CLAB that creates a magic item that grants proficiencies, and also apply a delay/permanent .spl with the "remove item" opcode, so that only pre-generated characters will keep the item? Seems possible, but it's much more work. I'd rather find a way to remove the innate ability, if possible... little help?

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I think opcode 172 will prevent future memorization/castings, but it won't remove a spell from memory that is currently castable. Or, maybe it's broken in IWDEE.


In any event I'm not using summons and scripts for this, and it would take me longer to learn how to properly use ADD_SPELL. So I just made six items and now a pre-generated character who doesn't have any proficiencies will start with a tome that will give them the proper ones. A fudge, to be sure, but it gets the job done.

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