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Game freeze with Aran's meeting


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I've installed some tweaks of the BG2 tweak packs, including the one allowing multiple strongholds.

My character is a fighter and in possession of a thieves stronghold. I decline the Arnise stronghold. But when I eventually went to meet Aran, at the end of the conversation the game stop with the "Continue" remaining grey after Aran gives multiple object for the first task he requires.

I uninstalled the stronghold tweak with no success.

I used the cheat code to have Aran appearing elsewhere with no success either.


Any idea for a solution?

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you mean


you joined the shadow thieves, you are about to do the first aran mission (what multiple objects??) and you can't even cancel the dialog screen. you got only continue greyed out and there's nothing else, not even the dialog options? maybe try scrolling down a little - dialog options should be visible after this. if you actually can see the dialog options try clicking 1 or 2 or 3 that should make the "continue" greyed in and clickable again.

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My protagonist is the successor of Maer since a while.

This is the beginning of Chapter 3 after I completed most of the quests available in the city and outside and I just paid Aran informant the 15.000 GP.

So I went to visit Aran.

We talk, blablabla and there is this part of the dialogue where he asks about doing further missions for him, the dialogue ends, and for the first mission the party is given two or three objects. At this point the "Continue" remained grey and there is nothing I can do (I've already played BG a few times 10 years ago). The next dialogue line might as well be "Ok, see you later", but whatever nothing is readable, clickable, scrollable...

So I'm not a stupid 10 year old who can't scroll down, this is a serious bug probably due to the Tweaks after two weeks of playing and it sucks.

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What game are you playing on (BGII:EE or classic)?


I didn't even know such a bug can happen - if it is due to a mod then I would expect a "No Valid Link Or Reply" bug, which would still give the opportunity to end the conversation by clicking. So this is really weird.


It would also help if you would post the content of your weidu.log and the bg2tweak.DEBUG (not sure how that one is called, but it should be obvious). Both are in the main game folder.

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