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I don't have a question about a specific implementation. Rather, I'm looking fur some general information/advice about specific.ids before I really start abusing it.


Basically,I want to create a whole new usability system for player characters, but I want to make sure that I won't break anything first.


What I want to do is patch all items to give penalties--and sometimes bonuses--with a "while equipped" timer to newly added specific.ids entries that will also be assigned to characters at class and/or kit level.


I will then alter usability flags to allow (virtuality) all classes to equip all items,or all armors and weapons at least. Usability restrictions will be inforced by inducing penalties to "non proficient" kit/classes.


For example. Let's say that we have a mage/thief that wants to wear plate. Well, he can, but (eg) his spells will be disabled, he will have almost no thieving skills, his movement will be impaired, etc.


Anyway,I know that it works using opcode 177.


My question is this: what sort of conflicts should I look out for using this method. I understand that simulacrums use it from the example given in the change specific action, but I don't think that will matter (from what I recall offhand). Are there any scripts that depend on pcs having a (heh) specific specific.ids entry? Anything else i should be worried about?

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