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TotSC 1.3.5521 and Widescreen mod hate each other


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Well, you could use the one supported TotSC 1.3.5521 version, it's the one which name is "BGTalesDX8Intl.exe" , it has the benefit of not having the CD check, or you could use the 5512 patch to revert back to the older version.
The best way to get that file is from google. Example, here's one. PS, if you open the file with WinRAR, you can see that the patch only contains the BGMain2.exe file, which is the file the game is started with, so it doesn't contain the rest of the files in the 5521 patch... for me to know this, I had to bothered the Aqrit too much. :/

The old bioware site had the same patch, and you can find it here with the wayback machine, it's the last linked patch.

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