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Widescreen Mod for PS:T


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I got the game for linux from gog, installed it and all is well. I wanted to get the widescreen mod up and running.


The first problem I faced was the ar0100.bif but I searched in the internet and someone's suggestion to copy the data folder into the cache and then doing a weinstall actually worked. Now in my setup-widescreen.debug file I have the line "SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Widescreen Mod -> for the original Infinity Engine (CHOOSE THIS!)"


So I thought that was it and now when I fire up the game I am getting an assertion failed in F:\Torment\Source\chitin\CHDimm.cpp at Line 787


I have no idea how to resolve this, can you please help? (both my linux.ini and torment.ini have the Unix path installation and I have cleared out my cache folder after the succesful installation of the mod. Am also attaching these files herewith)



I solved this problem my modifying the torment.ini to mimic Windows paths, that got rid of the assertion. Now the issue is that on full screen, the game runs at the top left corner occupying around 25% of the screen with the rest of the screen black. Now what am I missing? :(





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It's probably like cannon_dt said, the torment.ini just needs to be have the Windows path, aka to something of the effect of:


And the off centered view is fixed by actually going into the game instead of just looking at the game menues as the Widescreen mod itself won't center the menues as it lacks the art assets to do so, and it wasn't worth it to for the bigg to center them with black borders, just like in BG1. And on PC there's a mod for that, which of course needs to be installed after the Widescreen mod.

@cannon_dt: Or am I wrong ?

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