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[deprecated]Crossmod Banter Project: Prepping for the 2015 version of v15 BG2/BGT/BG2:EE


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Dammit. So close. Having a heck of a time with Kido and Kindrek and Kari - until I finally perused each one of the docs and found out the author reissued code with a new modder prefix. Same code - just a different coding of the name of the dialog. So... gotta duplicate and edit the files to match bkido and MWBKid et al.

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Heh. OK, so no test reports yet outside of my own install, but three separate dry runs and random poking and everything seems solid and stable.

Still waiting for 2 emails, and Lava and I have a Foundling<>Aran banter to test,

I need to stay on this or I will dive back into my own stuff and it will languish. So, I am knocking off for the night, with a working install up on GitHub on the "test" branch.

Traification is done, with 80% of the file replacements moved over for a full test with traification - looks like we may need to make this BG2:EE compatible just to find a tester or two.

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Traification done and test installed on an almost-complete install of all these mods on BG2. Missing Willy Bruce and one other mod.


Working through Lava's additions, waiting for one email confirmation, and most of all a second test install (preferably on BG2:EE as well; grabbing several of the mods listed above that say they work on BG2:EE, then tossing the test package on and seeing if everything works out without some error message. For a quick test that might be easy to do, throw Aran Whitehand and Angelo on the install, then throw on the test package. If the correct strings were read in you can tell by grabbing NI and looking at BADANG25.DLG. It will have an odd string at the top level, and should look like this:









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OK, looking for a unique identifier for Yoshimo Romance and HaerDalis Romance, as Lava and Kulyok have done some crossmod with them - can't use the banter files as an id as they are already in the vanilla game (so they smoothly installed on my test install even though they were not present...)



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Well, the MOD_IS_INSTALLLED works well enough, I guess. Tested with


/* Foundling - YoshimoRomance SoA Material */ // 1 banter
    PRINT ~Adding SoA banters between Foundling and YoshimoRomance...~ // @ZZZ1 = ~ ~
    APPEND_OUTER ~%mod_folder%/crossmod_0_debug.log~ ~Adding SoA banters between Foundling and YoshimoRomance...~
    COMPILE ~%mod_folder%/soa/banters/soa_Foundling-YoshimoRomance/soa_Foundling-YoshimoRom_banters.d~
    PRINT ~L#FOUB.dlg and/or YOSHIMOROMANCE/YOSHIMOROMANCE.TP2 not detected. Skipping these particular SoA banters.~ // @ZZZ2 = ~ ~
    APPEND_OUTER ~%mod_folder%/crossmod_0_debug.log~ ~L#FOUB.dlg and/or BYOSHIM.dlg not detected. Skipping these particular SoA banters.~

and it seems to be fine. Not many mods change the whole .tp2 name.Using this for both the Yoshimo Romance and the Haer 'Dalis Romance for detecting instead of the vanilla banter files.

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OK, going to have to hold off on Romance Kills for v15 and see about adding them in v16.


There is some work done on a form of LPF to deal with these, but it is obviously a "work in progress" and does not currently access its .2da; so it is a matter of manually extending the blocks. There is no good way to seriously test it - Banters are quick and easy for the most part, only needing a little tweaking of the test environment, but in a worst-case scenario a problem with a banter is not game-killing. Screwing up someone's npc's .bcs on the other hand... that would be seriously un-cool.


Currently, i see no particular handling of gender - it looks like old-skool stuff.

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