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BG1EE spawns vs. BGT spawns


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what I noticed is that in BG1EE the spawns work differently.


In BGT, it used to be anywhere between 4 and 6 skeletons per spawn on High Hedge, for instance. And they could respawn anytime under the fog of war. So you could literally cruise around the map and keep encountering enemies.


In BG1:EE, I meet one lousy skeleton per spawn,and also it seems there's a delay (24h or 48h) before the creature may spawn again.


I would prefer the BGT system, as it was a) more challenging b) more fun. Fighting single enemies is just way too easy, no matter what mods and setups I use.


Is there a way to restore the BGT system of spawns? I tried to dabble with the spawn mod (part of BWS) but it made things even worse, with even less enemies.

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Is there a differenc between how you save your games ? On the skale of: Extensivly - None at all ?

Cause in BGT-weidu the more you saved, the more monsters there would be in the area cause the saving and reloading resets the monster spawns, so there would be more in the same spot. Also there's mods that might misconstrude your memories.

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I actually save quite intensly (with quicksave). Maybe 50-60 times already. But the spawns are still pathetic.


Also, I recall monsters respawning with me still on the map (BGT), just being out of my sight was enough, but in my EE, it requires me to leave the map and 24 or 48 hours must pass before monsters spawns again.


It may indeed be one of my mods, but I don't really recall ANY that do anything like that. I specifically disabled leveled spawns mod for EE.


I'll post the weidu log once I get home.




EDIT: I asked K4thos, the developer of EET, and he confirmed that BGT used a different method of spawning (based on Tutu).

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