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Clarification on VVC field and 3rd resource field of EFF files


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Maybe it's just me but descriptions on IESDP seems confusing.


EFF v2 file format shows:

0x0030    8 (resref)    Resource
0x0068    8 (resref)    Resource 2
0x0070    8 (resref)    Parameter 5 (VVC) (aka Resource 3)

And than in Opcode description we can read for example:

#265 (0x265) Script: Modify Global Variable [265]
NB. Since the Resource Key can only be 8 characters long maximum, you can not set a Local Variable with this effect this has a name longer than this amount.
NB. You can use the VVC field of external EFF files for an additional 8 characters of variable name.
NB. You can use the 3rd resource field of EFF files for an additional 8 characters.


#256 (0x256) Spell: Spell Sequencer Active [256]
This effect stores the spell resources for an active spell sequencer. The three spell resources are stored in the resource key, VVC field, and eff 3rd parameter.

so if VVC field is 0x70 (called resource 2 in NI, here called Parameter 5 (VVC) (aka Resource 3) :puke:) than what is this magical 3rd parameter? Is it Resource 2 from IESDP description? (which btw. doesn't match what NI shows - it probably should be 0x78, not 0x68 - could anyone please confirm this? The values for Resource 2 and 3 would be true if this would be headerless EFF v2 used in cre files, but it shows 0x30 for Resource 1 field so it can't be it).


Thanks in advance for clarification.

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Thanks, but I'm not really a programmer, so analyzing C++ is not something I'm good at.


What I need to know is if these EFF v2 offsets, that contradicts what is available on IESDP, are correct:

- 0x30 (0x28 headerless) - Resource

- 0x70 (0x68 headerless) - Resource 2

- 0x78 (0x70 headerless) - Resource 3


And which of them is so called (in IESDP Opcode descriptions) VVC field and which is so called 3rd parameter.

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The offsets for EFF V2 in IESDP are most likely incorrect (or contain mixed up header/headerless offsets).

Offset 0x68 is called Parameter5 in GemRB (unused in NI)
Offset 0x6c is called Parameter6 in GemRB (unused in NI)
Offset 0x70 is "Resource 2"
Offset 0x78 is "Resource 3"

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