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Writers needed for IWD-in-EET mod


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IMO I feel like it is a bad idea to include the original story of IWD as all those events have happened in the past, but if anything this would be a good setup for the events that have yet to happen toward the end of SoD since both have a loose connection concerning a certain antagonist.

This story of IWD should be based around that, and the aftermath of the previous battles from the legendary group of Adventurers that saved the Ten Towns. The benefits would be as follows:

1) Removing all original NPCs in favor of new ones to keep with the timeline.

2) If we have good artists that having some areas be modified to reflect that time has passed by for the lands of IWD, it would be interesting to see that Elven Tower be partially restored and inhabited and those Dwarven Mines now repopulated.

3) Creature Habitats have changed

Now Alternatively let's say the original story of IWD is kept, but there is a twist.

Time Travel Shenanigans, but how this is done can be anyone's guess.

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I don't mind just "fixing" the year. thematically there's no real mismatch, the technology is the same... etc. iwd story is highly derivative and non-canon. It's a generic retelling of one of R.A. Salvatore's trilogies. This canon trilogy includes drittzt as the protagonist, and it takes place very close to the time of BG. Therefore, iwd-in-eet story as a whole is a legitimate readaptation of the same story...

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I would LOVE to be a part of this. I am intimately familiar with the games. I have no coding skills but I have a BFA in Creative Writing. How would I get started? 

Edit: Oh man I just realised this thread is from 2016. This is probably finished by now, right? 

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