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  1. 1. is this a p&p idea? i don't think so. it seems like a ridiculous post-hoc realist conceptualization of something that's not supposed to be realistic. magical potions produce magical effects. dispel dispels magical effects. a more abstract level of conceptualization without the anatomical nitty-gritty is much more appropriate for such high fantasy... 2. with the present amount of gold you could buy many more potions of all sorts than you could ever hope to use. so, that game economy rationale is not very sound. currently, potion scarcity is real and meaningful (a little bit at least) 3. that's fine i guess, but i never use healing spells, and never have. i use healing potions all the time, often to just heal between fights (instead of rest-scumming) (..) 4. mods don't have to support the sad canon party construct because it's a crutch of the original (...and subsequent ) developers, not modders. SoD technically retcons the canon party into "forced party" anyway...
  2. the state of affairs in IWD(EE) is not necessarily relevant for determining whether there may be inconsistencies in BG, under the current EE baseline standard so while the existence of all these spells in iwd points to you that there isn't a consistency problem, it does not point so to me. IWD is more flakey and rudimentary in it's application of rules and d&d concepts
  3. as undead, they would still be affected by something such as false dawn... undead hunters would have a bonus aganst them, they would be disrupted by appropriate weapons etc.
  4. you should not be able to turn them, so they shouldn't be undead they should be immune to death spell, because they are merely conjured matter rendered illusionary entities by the illusionist; they are not beings per se however, they should be dispelled by detect illusion, or at least reverted to their raw non-illusionary form ("vague shadowy form")
  5. yeah, your saving throw idea accords with the spells' pnp description (i've checked and all three spells are valid pnp spells in the "shadow conjuration" group) pnp: A wizard casting the shadow monsters spell uses material from the plane of Shadow to shape semi-real illusions of one or more monsters. ... The actual hit point total for each monster is 20% of the hit point total it would normally have. ... Those viewing the shadow monsters are allowed to disbelieve as per normal illusions, although there is a -2 penalty to the attempt. The shadow monsters perform as the real monsters with respect to Armor Class and attack forms. Those who believe in the shadow monsters suffer real damage from their attacks. Special attack forms such as petrification or level drain do not actually occur, but a subject who believes they are real will react appropriately. Those who roll successful saving throws see the shadow monsters as transparent images superimposed on vague shadowy forms. These are Armor Class 10 and inflict only 20% of normal melee damage ...
  6. The spell school is illusion, so they can't be undead. for example, shadows from umar hills drain strength, and that especially doesn't seem proper for the illusion school. An example of a non-undead shadow would be the invisible stalker. spell school for summoning him is conjuration because he's a type of an air elemental. Invisible stalker is "permanently invisible" like you say, so that idea is already covered by another spell in the game. The IWD description says that the shadow monsters are also sorta elementals, but they come from the demiplane of shadow instead. that still seems like a conjuration spell. The problem with these iwd spells is that the descriptions say that the shadow monsters are "illusionary"...in SoA, a precedent with illusionary (is that a word?) creatures is set with the circus tent quest - illusionary really should mean "not real"... Seeing how non-illusion invisible stalker is more "illusionary" by virtue of being invisible than these iwd illusion school spells can ever hope for, i think there's a consistency problem with these spells... @DavidW you should probably do something. maybe make the monsters physically very weak (low HP and very low damage but high AC and thac0), but quite resistant to magic (or to magic energy mainly) About pt. 2: let's take the lvl4 spell - if summoned creatures are about as strong as monsters from monster summoning ii and get blur, that's like getting multiple free lvl2 spells, which doesn't seem appropriate, and would just make shadow monsters a vastly better version of ms ii.
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    3 is a nice number
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    2 is a really lame looking number
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    the spell doesn't need to scale at all if it's effects "stack" with other forms of regeneration. it would be scalable by the way of stackability. on lower levels this spell would effectively mean "mediocre regeneration", and on higher levels, it would effectively mean "significant added regen rate"
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    too strong. how about a slow and short regen?
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    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Are you interested in making pale justice a pnp-valid holy sword, like carsomyr? 1. IWD items don't stick to 2e conventions at all, but BG items generally do. Already in it's current IWD form, pale justice is arguably a 'holy sword'. However, in 2e, with lawful good paladins, their holy swords would have to do bonus damage only against their precisely opposite alignment, like carsomyr correctly does, and that's chaotic evil, not general 'evil' 2. dispel abilities (implemented in a specific way not supported in the engine) and magic resistance are a common feature of all holy swords. purifier is a +4 holy sword, like pale justice, and grants +20% MR, so there's a precedent for pale justice also granting +20% MR 3. all holy swords have some special ability on top of magic resistance/dispel. which kind of PnP type of holy sword pale justice is exactly doesn't matter, but it's safe to say that it's not a holy avenger with it's +7/+7 (which, however, is a legitimate pnp alternative to just +x damage, despite looking very cheesy). it should get some appropriate castable ability... since holy avenger is already covered, with carsomyr, and "purifier" too (in name only unfortunately, not in function), "hallowed redeemer" as well (also in name only, but item upgrades makes it saner), the remaining holy sword types are "invigorator" and "divine protector", which are both +4 in the book invigorator improves lay on hands by 50% (action required), and divine protector casts a deafness-like spell 60' radius, 1d4+1 rounds, 20% (instead of 50% miscast), only affects evil creatures, no save divine protector thematically meshes well with pale justice's immunities. so how about: Long Sword +4, Divine Protector: Pale Justice [rest of description] STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: Magic Resistance: 20% /or maybe just 10% to balance it with existing immunities/ Immunity to Cloak of Fear, Horror, Dire Charm, Symbol of Hopelessness and Mournful Wail Charge abilities: – Deafness /or similar, as described above/ three times per day THAC0: +4 bonus, +7 vs. chaotic evil Damage: 1d8+4, +7 vs. chaotic evil ...
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    Balor: Aura of flaming death

    yeah, "abyssal aura" or something...
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    Writers needed for IWD-in-EET mod

    I don't mind just "fixing" the year. thematically there's no real mismatch, the technology is the same... etc. iwd story is highly derivative and non-canon. It's a generic retelling of one of R.A. Salvatore's trilogies. This canon trilogy includes drittzt as the protagonist, and it takes place very close to the time of BG. Therefore, iwd-in-eet story as a whole is a legitimate readaptation of the same story...
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    SCS RC9 homework

    it seems smart to attack, and neutralize, threatening targets first, instead of those that are harmless (while paralyzed), even if they are momentarily vulnerable.
  15. in theory seems fine, but the general method of protections is the same as in arcane magic, which makes arcane and divine magic feel much more similar. i feel that priests' defense, thematically, works mainly in the way of magic resistance and supernatural stats. so instead of your tweaks, which are in themselves justified, i'd make all those three spells remain the same, and just add a percentage of magic resistance on top. cumulative with magic resistance which should maybe be changed to have a rather long duration and be pre-castable