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  1. i think that if enemies get a +10 to saving throws in HoF, let it play out fairly. it's weird that HoF weapons should automatically negate that by having an additional -10 penalty. it's probably due to last minute balancing by the original team, but from today's perspective it makes no sense. my proposed solution is that all weapons HoF or not, simply get their penalties capped at -4 or -5 (and particularly -2 and 0 where appropriate which are the most common EE values), and the player can lower enemies' saves with spells. apparently, vanilla iwd2 is plagued with elements from the false difficulty scaling model present in more modern games - enemies become tougher, but you get arbitrarily more powerful to catch up with them (or vice versa). this doesn't exist in EE and in IWD1, and it's conceptually incompatible with the oldschool RPG approach.
  2. yeah, gorion and firkraag (then also simply called firkraag in his human form) are buddies solving IWD, and in the final battle firkraag resumes his dragon form, revealing his intentions - to usurp belhifets scheme and open the gate for his devil-dragon brethren whom he has a pact with (maybe he wants to rule the world with his fiendish dragon girlfriend). he tries to kill belhifet, but belhifet simply throws his hands up in the air and beams out, thus staying alive for you to kill him in SoD, and the player - as gorion - actually has to fight firkraag at the end of IWD instead. you wound him, the tower starts collapsing in belhifet's absence, and he flies away.
  3. yeah, just referring to the amount. i thought it would be impossible that it's the correctly stated amount, but i get it now btw, it's only the case edit: btw it's not only the case with HoF items, for example Pustule's Flail ... this base difficulty item has save -17 for one thing and save -2 for another at the same time not saying anything should be changed at the automatic conversion level, but eventually, some manual tweaking could "normalize" those massive st penalties
  4. congrats on this, it's really cool i've checked around 1/4 of the descriptions starting from top, and everything looks alright, except for one issue Save vs. x at -14 negates (replaces the original "x save to resist")
  5. this is an example of a paraphrase of the jondalar dialogue without 4th wall breakage, while preserving some of the tutorial function. "Hey there... /no changes/" "Now, hold your staff, and try hitting me. If you know any offensive spells, you may also use those. I took some special precautions in order to give you a taste of real combat, so be sure to put in your best effort, and don't worry about injuring me... but remember: in any real situation, when you just want to knock someone out, you should put your weapon down and rely on your fists instead." "During our fight I’m going to spring a little surprise on you. Are you ready now? Good!"
  6. I *could* handwave it as such, were breach not conceptually the least AoE-feeling thing ever. it's name suggests that it's a precise anti-spell instrument that penetrates defenses (themselves conceptualized as "shields", "shells"/"globes" etc. - something worth puncturing), it's like an anti-spell arrow, or a beam, certainly not a hand grenade... but yeah, it's not a big deal
  7. you'll probably get a better result asking that here*, because that mod is still not very well known *https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66842/mod-dnd-3-5-rules-in-bg-ee-and-bg2-ee-v-2-0#latest
  8. I guess it would be cool if enemy casters could decide whether to shut you up with power word silence, for example, based on what school you are casting from... so illusion - no (rather, dispel the illusion afterwards and do something more damaging to the player right away), but necromancy or alteration - yes or: untargetable enemy mage, you start casting a divination spell - he immediately casts SI:divination (especially if he has a casting speed bonus); but if you cast a necromancy spell, he doesn't waste time and casts something offensive, because he likely won't be targetable by your spell it's a little bit "combinatorial", but not really. it would only go to the effect of speeding up reactions a little bit I guess
  9. keyword is shadowdancer cha 15 is indeed required for shadowdancer dual-classing. vanilla feature.
  10. there isn't, as far as I know.
  11. try the first game first, divine divinity. after that, i'd recommend d:os2 (newest game). after that i'd rate the rest lower on the need-to-play scale.
  12. project infinity is more modern and has superseded BWS, and by extension, it's derivatives. BWS is still interesting as a reference for various mod choices and recommendations, but i would stick to the latest and greatest tool for the actual work.
  13. 1. is this a p&p idea? i don't think so. it seems like a ridiculous post-hoc realist conceptualization of something that's not supposed to be realistic. magical potions produce magical effects. dispel dispels magical effects. a more abstract level of conceptualization without the anatomical nitty-gritty is much more appropriate for such high fantasy... 2. with the present amount of gold you could buy many more potions of all sorts than you could ever hope to use. so, that game economy rationale is not very sound. currently, potion scarcity is real and meaningful (a little bit at least) 3. that's fine i guess, but i never use healing spells, and never have. i use healing potions all the time, often to just heal between fights (instead of rest-scumming) (..) 4. mods don't have to support the sad canon party construct because it's a crutch of the original (...and subsequent ) developers, not modders. SoD technically retcons the canon party into "forced party" anyway...
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