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EET Tweak feature suggestion


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I'll just suggest this little feature here and hope you'll bite.


Werewolf Island corrections:

Since the original game never accounted for a lycanthrope protagonist some of the dialogues make very little sense for a Shapeshifter or a mod werewolf kit.

A few dialogue corrections and adjusting the “party turns into werewolves” script would go a long way.

As an optional feature lycanthropes could be prevented form entering “crazy elven mage”'s cottage since it is explicitly stated that his hut is protected against lycanthropes.


(I would have done that myself a long time ago if coding weidu wasn't such a pain in the !$&/ for me.)


I think the only mod that touches WWI content is SCS but it only adds the option to convince the werewolf leader lady to let you go without a fight.

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There aren't enough modders to mod other people's ideas. It's hard enough modding one's own ideas. If shawne and/or you want this mod to exist then you and/or shawne have to take the plunge and make it exist.


People will help you with bits here and there. Even I with my own paltry knowledge will try to help you a bit, but no one has the time, energy, or motivation to mod other people's ideas of a significant scope.

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