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  1. @kjeron Thank you for the detailed explanation.
  2. Hm, I tried 216000 before (should be 3 days in-game time, right?) and it went perma on me..
  3. No, I'm talking about 0x0028 in an effect's header i.e. the duration of the effect.
  4. Using the instant/limited timing mode (timing mode 0) with long durations seems to convert them to absolute duration. What is the maximum duration that timing mode can 'hold'?
  5. I do remember a large group with multiple spirit trolls right at the beginning of the druid grove though. And that would be from quite a while back, so I'm not convinced anything changed there.
  6. I think Bob has a point, making clerics too similar to mages (defense wise) doesn't sound great. (Though I am not sure if your changes are at that point.) I like the idea of priests getting a healthy amount of magic resistance and then having them utilize (and possibly buff) their anti melee protections (globe of blades etc...)
  7. Ulb

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    Poisoned arrows (DW#KOB02.ITM) are unusable for shamans (RC8)
  8. Awesome! Side note: That was a bad move, now we know we can pressure you into adding features by complaining!
  9. Ulb

    BG1NPC v24 Prerelease

    I've noticed a minor bug: Jaheira's druid specific dialogue also triggers for shamans.
  10. Ulb

    Bug report

    Well yeah, now that you've mentioned it, it makes perfect sense. I guess it's just the red circle and dire charm experiences that make people expect charmed characters to attack. A blue circle would probably be better but that's a feature request for the EE forums..
  11. Ulb

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    But..unless you start a fight (by having the demon lord attack the drow for example) you are supposed to have time to escape the city before the drow turn hostile, right? It's always been like this?
  12. Ulb

    Bug report

    The 'charmed - no action' bug happens all the time to me and did so for years. I actually kind of assumed it was 'normal' game behaviour if you have no AI script set or have the AI turned off.. (Though thinking about it, that doesn't make much sense.. since why would that part be handled by the player set AI script..)
  13. Is there a reason for this? It seems quite counterintuitive to me. Players are probably expecting it to work similar to how BG2 handles it. If doing it this way is significantly easier to code, it's probably not a big deal but otherwise I'd say offering that option during the kick-out dialogue would be more convenient and more in-line with how it works in BG2.
  14. Bumping this since I'm still not too happy with my current implementation. Currently I use an invisible cone projectile and have a spell cast at each target. The spell in return sends a 'blank' sped up arrow projectile at each target to simulate the multishot. Since the first projectile has to hit before the spell can be fired there is obviously always a dissynchronisation between the two. Another issue I have is that the projectile only checks the main target's weapon immunity, so secondary target's immunities get ignored.
  15. In my current install (with RC6 still) there are several items also lacking proper spacing. The kobold daggers for example look like this: Dagger "Nome Stikka" Though kobolds do not normally wield poison daggers, it is evident that they have been given the means to make these. The crudeness of the construction of this weapon, however, does not lessen its deadliness - in fact, it can be just as deadly to the wielder as it is to the victim! STATISTICS: Damage: 1D4 (plus 6 poison; save to avoid) Damage type: Piercing Weight: 1 Speed Factor: 2 Proficiency Type: Dagger Type: 1-handed 5% chance of nicking yourself (6 poison) (No free line above and below statistics) In ealier SCS versions those daggers did definitely have proper spacing. So, if it's not the same problem it might be a different problem.