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  1. Well, I guess if none of you guys are aware of those 'lost features' it must be my mind making stuff up... I wish my mind would make up cooler stuff while it's at it but what can you do...
  2. Sorry for somewhat derailing the topic but I have questions about this op code and its history. I am almost certain that you could at some point in the past use this op code to do the following: - turn the 'aura cleansing' feedback message on and off (while keeping the effect active) - set a specific number of spells per round e.g.: setting two spells per round would allow the character to cast two spells without delay per round but no more than that. Were these ToBEx features or do I simply have a completely false set of memories or what else has changed?
  3. Most cameo NPCs have dialogue options that allow you to establish if they were killed in BG1 or not. Xzar, Edwin and Drizzt I am certain of, not sure about Coran & Safana though, as I rarely ever visit that area. @4udr4n AFAIK EET should by default change NPC portraits when you change campaigns. So BG1 to SoD (for NPCs that do have portraits for that campaign) and SoD to BG2 should happen the way you want. Having them changed when transitioning into ToB would probably require a new tweak since that was never a thing.
  4. I don't know where the error is coming from. Until someone else posts something you can check where you installed BG, might be an issue with Windows folder access... Also Beamdog's version doesn't need modmerge, modmerge is outdated, use Argent's DLC merger instead (only if you use SOD from GoG -and Steam I suppose-.) Also also, better post a WeiDU log.
  5. In my current play-through those two quests got along surprisingly well. I did the werewolf quest (killed him) and 30 seconds later Dave got his transmission and we re-entered the house which now had a different interior. Made no sense of course but I could play out both quests just fine..
  6. @4udr4n I'm not entirely sure about the race restriction.. I could have sworn Shamans were originally only available to humans and half-orcs and I accounted only for those races. Either I missed half-elves or they were added later?
  7. Yeah, that makes sense. A psionics mod sounds like it might have some 'combat feedback' lines which might have gotten scrambled...
  8. The screen shot @Lauriel posted is still strange since Shank says his line during the fight. Usually you have a dialogue with him and then you just fight him. I don't think he is supposed to say anything once the fighting starts?
  9. Really, not your bad at all! Shame on you @jastey & @Jarno Mikkola, I guess my boy Carbos is also just a random dude to you snobs? In any case, it really sounds as if either EET didn't correctly patch his dialogue or maybe some weird mod reset his dialogue with a static dalogue.talk entry?
  10. @jastey Is BG1 Unfinished Business still to be installed on BG1 or is it fully EET compatible now? I see there was a EET compatibility note but it was removed? The official list only has v14 on the pre-EET install list.
  11. The BG-SoD transition sets a certain variable after switching the voice sets, all my mod does is set that variable before that happens. I haven't looked at the SoD-BG2 transition but I doubt it's an isolated variable code block just for the voice sets. I just skimmed through this thread but your goal is to have consistent BG1 sound sets for all your NPCs through out EET? If so, there should be a relatively easy way to achieve that without much modding I think. BG characters have a certain flag, which either prevents or allows them to be exported. If that flag is set, charac
  12. Thank you, taking a look at this right now, looks very promising!
  13. I was not aware, I assumed it would just append to the file. In that case the file is probably not very helpful, yes. I also admit the current installation was more of the 'quick and dirty' kind but it was close enough to what I usually run that I didn't expect to run into any major compatibility issues. I guess I was wrong about that.
  14. I will, but I've gotten a lot of different error messages that seem unrelated to spell.ids. Like, at one point it said it was missing a translation for a file and at another it said it couldn't make changes to %candlekeep%.are because the file didn't exist and so forth.. (should all be in the debug file)
  15. I get error messages for almost every SCS component I'm trying to install. I moved from 32.8 back to 32.7 but that didn't change a thing. My very uneducated guess is that there is something wrong with SCS's not so standard installation/scripting process. It almost looks as if it didn't recognize it's own variables? ERROR: illegal 1-byte read from offset 1 of 1-byte file INNER_PATCH_SAVE "%spellcode_base%" ERROR: [spell.ids] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("INNER_PATCH_SAVE \"%spellcode_base%\": read out of bounds")) (see debug file for more detailed error messages.
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