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  1. 000000030-Premature Stealth Breaking.zip DavidW, For some reason the default script for Strategems Ease of Use AI wants to double stealth me. Often as soon as I stealth it wants to stealth me again and break the stealth. See attached save, stealth the FMT and walk around a bit and stealth him again while the AI is turned on. Version: 2.5 from GOG , SCS 32.7 Most SCS components installed.
  2. The hotkey menu in BGEE seems to be msising hotkeys for the IWD specific spells that can be added via SCS. For example, I'd like to give expeditious retreat a hotkey, but I cannot. Is there a way to add this functionality to the EEs?
  3. A Mage in front of Cloakwood Mines summoned Air Elementals that look like myconids. I installed BGEE + SOD 2.5 from GOG SCS version 32.7
  4. Czaki. I 'm sure k4thos would help but he has plenty to do. If people really care about that mod they will do the majority of the gruntwork to ensure compatibility.
  5. K4thos, when people install the iwd in eet mod, they want to play iwd in eet. They want to play with friends and travel there and be able to go back and forth at will at their leisure. If playing alone, they want to take Khalid, Jaheira, Branwen, Viconia, Xzar, Montaron, etc. Over there quickly and see what new banters and interjections you've written. When they play iwd in eet for a second time, they want to take a new set of BG1 NPCs to IWD and see the new banters and interjections for thise NPCs that they didn't see the first time. Don't force people to beat 1/3 of BG1 before getti
  6. IWD starts out at level one. I would really hate for players to be forced to be likely be level 2 or higher to go there. People who install the IWD in EET mod want to be able to easily experience this new section of the game. The beauty of BG1 was being able to explore such large swaths of locations. Please strongly consider IWD in EET to be easily accessible in Chapter 1. (Not to mention the enhanced roleplaying opportunity of having Erevain save his cousin in Nashkel).
  7. Please don't force us to complete Nashkel or any quests. Please just let us go to IWD by default in Chapter 1 pretty please.
  8. Lynx, can we get a windows build of gemrb to use this mod?
  9. Very cool! Minor nitpick that it only displays 8 chars.
  10. Shout out to you Lynx: http://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/26673/all-you-wanted-to-know-about-baldurs-gate-siege-of-dragonspear-adventure-y-previously/p102
  11. That would be great. If the Perl distro could be bundled with Gemrb and only install if it's not already installed and if that perl install could be automated within BWP and BWS, that'd be really ideal.
  12. What kind of docs would need to be written up? How to install for windows or what?
  13. I don't claim to know much about this: But what about strawberry perl being bundled for Windows versions of gemrb? http://strawberryperl.com/
  14. I really like this. I hope this can be turned into a full-fledged mod that will be available for Big World Project and Big World Setup for mass use. I really hope that innovation will continue and that options for more than 10 will be supported later. I suppose that the only mod mutually exclusive to Gemrb is TobEx, but some of those features have already been implemented in Gemrb
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