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Question about Gender-Locks


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I recently played through the BG1 RE mod and really enjoyed it, especially because there was a mix of both straight and same-sex options. So I was confused, looking at the readme of this mod, as to why all the encounters seem to be exclusively heterosexual? Is there a way to open some of them to both gender options?

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I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting us know :-)


In answer to your question, some of the 'nookie' encounters are restricted by gender, some aren't. Off the top of my head, those who swing both ways: Husam, Schvantz and Ariane in the Low Lantern, along with the generic harlots added to the other Undercellar, Hull, Melicamp, the Harvestmen drow, Ender Sai if you accept his offer, Left... maybe Bardolan (it's been a while since I looked at that one). You can also get reasonably intimate (wound care and back massage) with Bjornin. Some of those also have Charisma and/or Reputation restrictions, though, which you may have been tripping on. The Girdle of Gender will bypass the gender locks, and if you have its component installed you can buy cheap curse removal from Gellana Mirrorshade for purposes of playing around.


I hope that helps.

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(Thimblerig: the content question was for RE-BGII?)

As far as I recall, there are at least encounters that are open to both genders, but I'd have to go through readme and code to be sure. Still hoping Kulyok or someone else is faster.:-)

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