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  1. 2) The RE Girdle component doesn't really have sex either? Mostly it's just characters' thoughts on an unexpected sex change. Though Minsc will ask for a slumber party, there's that. (Plenty of sexy-times in the other components, though.) 3) Setting the variable RE1_KDMeet to 5, adjusting the Chapter variable to... whatever it is after the fight in the Ducal Palace, and going to the Thieves Guild would probably do it. But, eh, you would run the risk of tangling your game up, and I don't advise it. Patience, my friend...
  2. Ah, sorry about that. Maybe next playthrough
  3. Hey Arthas In answer to your questions: 2) If you mean the Girdle of Gender-changing component, the BG1 NPC Project was created long before Romantic Encounters, and it had two or three existing responses to the Girdle. With the permission of the NPC Project Mod, I wrote this component to be compatible with that pre-existing code. So... the Project is integrated in RE, in that specific way. 1) Most of the RE encounters aren't integrated into the Project beyond keeping track of Global variables and trying not to conflict with each other. The writer of Late Night with Jaheira, Kulyok, might have some more details for you, but - most of the encounters aren't integrated. 3) Did you agree to let them write a novel and get through the whole of their interview? If I remember correctly, you should know it's over when they thank you and leave the inn. After that, when you go after Sarevok through the Thieves Guild entrance, they should get you attention and give you their first draft to look at. Hope that helps, Arthas.
  4. Hi, Arthas. If you choose to have sex with him, he won't be there in the morning. It's a choice. Cheers, Thimblerig
  5. Yikes, that question makes so much more sense now. Sorry!
  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting us know :-) In answer to your question, some of the 'nookie' encounters are restricted by gender, some aren't. Off the top of my head, those who swing both ways: Husam, Schvantz and Ariane in the Low Lantern, along with the generic harlots added to the other Undercellar, Hull, Melicamp, the Harvestmen drow, Ender Sai if you accept his offer, Left... maybe Bardolan (it's been a while since I looked at that one). You can also get reasonably intimate (wound care and back massage) with Bjornin. Some of those also have Charisma and/or Reputation restrictions, though, which you may have been tripping on. The Girdle of Gender will bypass the gender locks, and if you have its component installed you can buy cheap curse removal from Gellana Mirrorshade for purposes of playing around. I hope that helps.
  7. Thanks for the spot, Ser Elryk - I'll transfer these to the To Do list, for the next time we work on the mod. Cheers.
  8. A is for Ankheg... http://imgur.com/gallery/OhJm7
  9. Hi Brakston293, thanks! The short version is that jastey, our beloved leader, wanted to take a break from modding. (It's hard work, she does a magnificent job, everybody wants time off sometimes.) The slightly longer version is that there is some mostly-complete-but-unbetaed material by myself and another contributor that we had some hazy notions of folding into a sequel mod. But I also was feeling a bit tired at the time, and things are kind of hovering right now. Cheers, T
  10. I think you mean Chandra, by Western Paladin - and yes, that's a very sweet encounter.
  11. So... let me get this straight - the patch function would look at the entire string and if the sequence "The bard is also a rogue" were present then that sequence would be replaced? Is ACTION_GET_STRREF a function that only takes the actual integer value of the ref, or could you pass it something like, ~According to the renowned fruitarian Appleminster: The bard is also a rogue~ and it would find the ref on its own?
  12. Scroll down the page a little way, and you'll see a section discussing "transition" format. It shows the long version and explains it bit by bit, then shows the streamlined version for dialogue replies. (It also helps to look at existing mods to see how they were coded.) And yes, what Gwendolyne said. Remember the tildes.
  13. + ~!Race(Player1, ELF)~ + ~What in the Nine Hells is an elf doing up here?~ + 2 + ~Race(Player1, ELF)~ + ~Well met again brother. How goes your journey?~ DO ~SetGlobal("Erevain_Met","GLOBAL", 1)~ + 1
  14. Thanks again for the crossmod.
  15. w00t! There is indeed: EXTEND_BOTTOM DEREVAIN 10 #2 // this tells the compiler to put the new transition after Existing Transition 2. ++ ~Erevain, you're an able adventurer, you should join us.~ + mod_12 END There's a fuller explanation here: http://www.weidu.org/~thebigg/README-WeiDU.html#EXTEND_BOTTOM (the language can be intimidating, but it's a very worthwhile read).
  16. Try this: // You don't need a BEGIN unless you're starting or overwriting a new dialogue file. EXTEND_BOTTOM DEREVAIN 10 ++ ~Erevain, you're an able adventurer, you should join us.~ + mod_12 END APPEND DEREVAIN IF ~~ mod_12 SAY ~I think that's an interesting proposal. Let me think about it.~ IF ~~ EXIT END END // closes the APPEND command // (I used slightly more streamlined code - saves typing when you have a large .d file to create.)
  17. Yes, that's good enough. The ".DLG" part is implied when you call EXTEND_BOTTOM from a .d file, and there's only ever going to be one DEREVAIN dialogue.
  18. I wrote "bonus against" not "permanent protection from", thank you. What does "dirp" mean exactly? Perspective on what's overpowered and what isn't is useful; thanks Jarno.
  19. Luck sounds interesting to me; a +1 dagger is just... well, there're a lot of +1 weapons around. +1 is boring. I wouldn't mind a weak power for Gorion's dagger, I'd just be let down if it were generic. Like the original Koveras' Ring is a generic +1 Ring of Protection that Sarevok doesn't even notice if you carry it through to the Throne of Bhaal. But then, as a gamer I prefer flavour over tactical use, it's just my play style. How about a bonus against Evil aligned creatures? (If that's possible.) (I'd disagree, actually. A point-heavy blade vs. one that's sized and balanced for your arm-strength makes a difference, especially over the long term. You don't get so tired, and you're not fighting the weapon all the time. Or the difference between a bow that always throws left over one that doesn't.)
  20. This may be a bug for the BGT install. Imoen has two possible BCS files sitting in my Override folder. One, BGIMOEN.BCS, has a lot of code that I know has been firing (girdle discussions etc.). The other, BGIMOEN2.BCS just has some script to initiate dialogue with Gavin - something about a finger? I never got to any fingers (?!) in the romance, but if people have been having trouble getting Imoen to talk about them, that might be why.
  21. It's a nice idea. Item Revisions might pick it up. I suspect there might be an issue with giving it enough crunch to keep things interesting for a player, apart from sentimental reasons, vs. not having it overpowered. (If you look up the discussion about Koveras' Ring, you'll see what I mean.)
  22. Temple district, Planar Sphere and de'Arnise Keep, I believe. A real stronghold sir! I want a monastery, Sorceror tower in fey lands, and a cold snowy barbarian camp! Yeah, those would be awesome, though a lot of work to implement.
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