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  1. Oh cool. Sounds like you've been incredibly busy, jastey.
  2. 2) The RE Girdle component doesn't really have sex either? Mostly it's just characters' thoughts on an unexpected sex change. Though Minsc will ask for a slumber party, there's that. (Plenty of sexy-times in the other components, though.) 3) Setting the variable RE1_KDMeet to 5, adjusting the Chapter variable to... whatever it is after the fight in the Ducal Palace, and going to the Thieves Guild would probably do it. But, eh, you would run the risk of tangling your game up, and I don't advise it. Patience, my friend...
  3. Ah, sorry about that. Maybe next playthrough
  4. Hey Arthas In answer to your questions: 2) If you mean the Girdle of Gender-changing component, the BG1 NPC Project was created long before Romantic Encounters, and it had two or three existing responses to the Girdle. With the permission of the NPC Project Mod, I wrote this component to be compatible with that pre-existing code. So... the Project is integrated in RE, in that specific way. 1) Most of the RE encounters aren't integrated into the Project beyond keeping track of Global variables and trying not to conflict with each other. The writer of Late Night with Jaheira, Ku
  5. Hi, Arthas. If you choose to have sex with him, he won't be there in the morning. It's a choice. Cheers, Thimblerig
  6. Thanks again for the crossmod.
  7. This may be a bug for the BGT install. Imoen has two possible BCS files sitting in my Override folder. One, BGIMOEN.BCS, has a lot of code that I know has been firing (girdle discussions etc.). The other, BGIMOEN2.BCS just has some script to initiate dialogue with Gavin - something about a finger? I never got to any fingers (?!) in the romance, but if people have been having trouble getting Imoen to talk about them, that might be why.
  8. I think you've got some good ideas in there. (But I don't have EE, and cannot help at all.) Best of luck to you.
  9. I like that idea: I always worry that the little guys will die...
  10. There is a Rabain at Baldur's Gate Forums who was active as recently as Feb 2014. http://forum.baldursgate.com/profile/comments/10815/Rabain Might be worth dropping them a line. *fingers crossed*
  11. "not... redistributed in any form" seems pretty clear as to the author's wishes.
  12. Will you be writing Vynd into BG2 someday?
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