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How to change BG2 text window to solid black


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Hi there,


I would like to remove the pattern in the text window and replace it with solid black (just the large box where the dialogue and feedback appears). Yes, it is a subtle pattern but I need it gone. I have tried to do it myself but the changes are not taking effect in-game.




I wonder what I am going wrong? If some kind modder could make me an override that actually works I will gladly credit them on my Infinity & Aurora engine blog, lilura1.


Thank you!

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I have the non EE BG2 game on another computer, but in EE games, if you open the game with one of the recently made Near Infinity shaphots, you can find the Graphical User Interface is laid out to control by the .chu files(CHUW.chu, CHUW08.chu - CHUW20.chu ), with have arrangement of .mos files set into positions.
You'll need to find out more via try and error probably... find the file that your setup is using by for example switching one of the .mos files to another, and then go to work on the one that the current interface uses.


If the changes don't take effect, it could be that the install has a change made into one of the higher up "read locations".. so try to place your files first to the MOVIES folder, but that advice only applies to self mutilation, so try not to make a mod that uses that, cause it will be a disaster of global scale.


Ouh, and the above link doesn't mention the fact that if the game has the recent DLC(But that's in BGEE, the Siege of the Dragonspear), it will override everything and your mother... so you probably need to install the "modmerger" mod that google will find for you.. read more on that here. So no need to use the drooler. There's also a possibility that some one has created a mod that uses similar file packing as the DLC does, and thus could effect the BG2... but I don't know that such exists yet.

Also if your game(EE) is not updated to the latest patch (v2.3..... ) it had really odd GUI features in the past. Well, I still have them in my v1.2.. :p

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Hi guys and thanks for the responses. This is for the original version, not the EE. I tried to override the three MOS files I found with solid black versions, but when I got back into the game it was like I had done nothing.

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