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Changing Leftover Blue Colors on Paper Doll

Bill Bisco

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Dear all,


The paper doll for my mod NPC has blue highlights left over despite the selections made on the colors:





Is there anything that I can do to change the color of these leftover blues? If so, what values would I change from this list?

WRITE_BYTE 0x2c  //Metal color
WRITE_BYTE 0x2d   //Minor color
WRITE_BYTE 0x2e   //Major color
WRITE_BYTE 0x2f   //Skin color
WRITE_BYTE 0x30  //Leather color
WRITE_BYTE 0x31  //Armor color
WRITE_BYTE 0x32  //Hair color




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What mods have you installed on that ? Is it a EE game or regular ? And assuming the character is an Elf, what class and what armor is there currently worn ? All this is important to know cause changing one could alter the placement of the avatars paperdoll materials. Yeah, the boots could be metal, leather, or hair for all that matters, even though looking at the picture, would probably tell you other vice. Blond hair is not same as blue boots.


So considering those would probably leave these to check out:

WRITE_BYTE 0x2c //Metal color

WRITE_BYTE 0x30 //Leather color

WRITE_BYTE 0x31 //Armor color

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