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some useful stuff people should know + an issue of my own

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so after typing up a 5 page essay about my issue and meanwhile solving like 10 problems people have been looking for a solution to, your dumbass website told me i need to reinput my credentials and deleted everything i wrote. so instead of all that useful info im lifting up a middle finger to the person who thought that out. cheers.

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I'm sorry to hear you lost your post. I've found that copying the text before previewing is a good safeguard in case the forum software decides to eat it or reformat it poorly; the latter is more common, but it is also quite irritating.


We are hoping to update to a less shitty version of the forum software as soon as possible, but there are some roadblocks.


If you happen to recall what you were wanting to post, I'd encourage you to try again.

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Typing a draft in an outside program wasn't my suggestion. The only thing I said was to keep what you're writing in the clipboard. You do know what the clipboard is, right? You might not have to paste anything if the forum doesn't glitch out. You're combining two people's suggestions to insert yourself in yet another place in order to appear useful, and again looking like an ass :rolleyes: while you do it.


I'm going to quote you in case you try to do one of your stealth or after-the-fact edits.








Fixed that for you...

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