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(Planescape: Torment) Cannot Enter Mausoleum


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I am trying to do the quest given by Norochj where you must enter the Mausoleum. In the Infinity Engine, the portal automatically appears when you approach the entrance. This does not seem to happen in GemRB 0.8.4. Does anyone know why this is the case?

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Thanks. This worked before and I already tracked it down — the harmlessentered trigger is not being set because the portal is set up as a repeating trap. You must've travelled enough for it to toggle to a trapped state from the default of 0 ... so I guess the previous runs were just lucky.


While I fix it, you can do this to get forward. Press ctrl-space to open (or close) the console, enter the following and press enter:

ExecuteString('EnablePortalTravel("TravelTrigger1",1)', 1)

... which will make the portal appear. To make it work, wrap these two in a similar ExecuteString('what', 1):




EDIT: fixed in latest build (but won't help with your save, so use the above)

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