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The 500 (mod)


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The economics of Baldur's Gate are broken: shortly out of Candlekeep money will cease to be a factor for the rest of the game. Attempts have been made to address this by balancing prices and items, but that it too difficult and subjective. This mod cuts the Gordian knot: every dawn the party will lose 500 gold. There is no explanation for this. Perhaps the Federal Reserve of Faerun has hiked the interest rate at last, or maybe you just have holes in your pockets.

Be prepared to quickly find yourself poorer. You can forget about just going to High Hedge or Taerom and buying all the spells and weapons that you like. You may well find yourself with 0 gold just when you need to tip someone. The clock of doom chimes every morning. It is up to you how to react: run faster in the rat race and speed up your adventuring to afford all you desire or embrace a happy paucity.

Tip: think about what light objects, suitable for an adventurer, can store value.

Compatible with all versions of Baldur's Gate.




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This is a mod the non reloaders will definitely not going to use... why... cause they can use their money reserves to resurrect people... but this makes that kinda hard.

The fact that you get money in the game is not a really that much of a real factor if you actually play the game like it's supposed to be played and not horde yourself with it by loading every time you get yourself a bad roll, and swim in cash by avoiding expenses. Yeah, I too have swam in it with resting everywhere and all sorts of other things, but that wasn't really good game experience.

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That is not why the game has too much money, Jarno.

If you have that good theory of it, then do tell me, why ?

Besides, this does nothing to the fact that the party will still have way too much money ... and now they don't even need to pick any up as the can just store it(the amount of gold they tucked away) away in high-price-loot in inventory.


Say for example, what do you do when you clear the Berecost temple area ? You know, there's a wolf species you can't kill without magical weapons... and yeah, at that point in the game, if you don't steal the weapons from the certain smite's shop in the close by area with a thief, you might not have any. So running away is your only option, or magic spells, and you know you will not have enough power to bring down the two or three that lurk the area. Ouh and healing is of course done with, healing potions. No Clerics.

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Your wording confuses me, but I think you mean that left without money players will store loot in a chest for when they need it, then get it all at once, sell it and still buy the extra-expensive equipment they want. That's possible, of course, and it's what would happen if I went crazy with this purse-cutting and started taking away 5000 gold a day to constantly keep the party poor. I'm not doing that, it would just infuriate people, and, of course, money is a proper reward for adventuring, so long as it doesn't make adventuring pointless. Then again, 500 is not sufficient either, even in the first week of the game. It will soon become a negligible loss. That is why I made the 1000 mod. I'll let this one remain.


Money for adventurers is not a simple question. That other mod comes with a readme that lists some considerations.


As for how to kill the Vampiric Wolves in the Temple area so early in the game that you don't even have magical weapons yet, the answer IS simple: you don't. They are powerful monsters and not to be felled by a 1st-level party who, essentially, cheats to get fast and easy XP. This kind of thinking is the result of years of bloat, so get out of that frame of mind. Stop expecting everybody to have a stack of healing potions, too. Xzar and Montaron give you a couple as a bribe to go to Nashkel, and it should matter.

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