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removing "magical weapon is in use"


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I might be losing my marbles or something... too long without modding. Anyway, how to make the weapon "normal" and disable "magical weapon is in use"? Magical weapon slot is empty, and movable flag for the weapon is enabled, but it still complains about magical weapon and won't let switch it.


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"Magical weapon in use" is displayed when there is an item in the magic weapon slot. There is no other way for that message to appear. If you are certain, share the saved game that displays this problem.


There is a certain bug in the game (BGT with BG2 engine but also BG2EE engine used in EET) that - for reasons I never discovered - seems to *shift* inventory items to that magic weapon slot. I saw it with NPCs having left and rejoined party or after some transport scenes or after resurrection when the NPC had a non-removable item. There is not really any item in the magic weapon slot but anyway the game thinks there is and tells you so.

You can clear that issue in game with making the affected NPC cast spiritual hammer (if applicable). It is a random problem and not clearly reproduceable, although there seems to be some pattern like described before.

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