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Fixed: G3Tweaks area error?


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I've installed G3Tweaks' component which reveals the three forest areas before you escape the Underdark. Now I traveled to the North Forest to do Tsujatha's quest (Tsujatha mod adds a battle to the North Forest). I finished the battle and I exit the map. Now all destinations except the three forest areas are unreachable, making the game impossible to complete. Is this an error?

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Oh, gah. You're not playing with the fixed worldmap, are you?


On the original map, the direct link between the City Gates and the three areas is one-way; the return path is through the Underdark Exit. Without that revealed on the map, you're trapped. Sorry, I should have realized this sooner.


Because the worldmap is in the saved game, installing the fixed worldmap now won't help. Best you can do is CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("ar0020") to get back to the Gates. If you have ToB, you might also be able to pass through Watcher's Keep to get back to the gates, but I think it may also only be linked to the Gates.


I'll add appropriate safeguards and patches to make sure this doesn't happen in future versions. Sorry about that.

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