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IWD2: Various bugs


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Couple of bugs that have popped up in the last day or two:

1. Druid will not change form. I have the ability and it was working before I ran the savegame under GemRB. The GUI changes to reflect that I have shapeshifted (once I have pressed the Verbeeg icon). No transformation on screen. The stats do change, but the character appears ineffective in combat. Possibly because I was inside in a confined space, and a Verbeeg is large and at a disadvantage?

2. The staff at the arms merchant in Targos are now hostile. Everyone else at Targos are fine initially. When I visit the merchant the staff immediately attack, and then all other inhabitants of Targos go hostile too. Cannot remember doing anything to provoke this.

3. Clerics and druids intermittently get "spell failure" returned when trying to buff before combat. Happens out of doors for druid too.


Looking forward to new releases in the new year :)


Happy festive season to all!


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Thanks! Your reports are really helpful.


1. It's a known bug (mentioned on the todo) that the avatar animation isn't updated in the iwd2 version of polymorph. More likely something is resetting it each tick, so it's just not visible, but like you noted, the actual transformation does take place.

2. There's not much that can get them hostile besides attacking or failing a pickpocket. Do you have a save before entry?

3. I sure hope the game didn't give penalties just to the players (armor/shield). But that's the least of enemy spellcasters' concern, since they often get stuck casting too. That's the biggest magic related bug, in reality a scripting one.


I was hoping to do a new release sooner, but the sprawling refactoring stalled due to school and now there's nobody to accept fixes into the external branch. Quite a bummer, since it's not ready yet. About a year's worth of infrastructural work is in the air. :s

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I'm at the outside of the Horde Fortress after emerging from the tunnels, just starting on my way into the building on top. Saw Sherincal in some cutscene dialogue, but haven't encountered Sherincal directly yet.


On my points:

2. All three of the different saved parties that I have tested have that problem with the staff at the arms merchant in Targos being hostile. I've checked the one under Wine and no such issue comes up. Can I post some info that could help see if this is GemRB related?

3. Both player and NPCs have this problem. It isn't armour-related, as clerics don't have that issue (not sure if that is what you meant).

4. The sounds that characters make are not context-specific. In the game under Wine, there are grunts and exclamations when struck in combat and general comments when they are simply moving around. Under GemRB the combat noises are mixed up with the general dialogue outside of combat.


Looking forward to seeing the new release when it is ready. Keep up the good work :)

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2. There's not much you can do besides sending a save. They're either already hostile or turn hostile on entry. I've never had such problems, but I haven't mixed saves between engines either.

3. Oh, right, it's only for arcane spells. Can you try all your cleric's spells and see which cause problems?

4. What do you mean by "general dialogue"? Actually talking to other NPCs or selection/order sounds?

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