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Dialogue([PC]) -> Dialogue(Player1)


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If you want a bullet proof dialog start, you may want to handle PC's who are not Player1 specifically. Reserve some lines for them, like "I want to talk to your boss."


I think something like that would sound very artificial.


This is often used in the game, of course with some better wording, e.g "My words are only for the Bhaalspawn you accompany." or "Let <CHARNAME> speak for <PRO_HIMHER>self."

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That doesn't make it any less artificial, if you ask me.


That's what it feels like to me as well.


I think I will just have to test (sigh) Ardanis' suggested solution 2:


See(Player1) Dialog(Player1) - may not trigger when it should if you keep Player1 behind the lines


changing initdlg.bcs (by the way, does anyone know if initdlg2.bcs and initdlg3.bcs are used?) accordingly and see how it goes. It won't be a global change but it should cover a good number of non complex cases.


Thanks for your input!

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