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Contagion GUI for BG2EE v2+


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Hi everyone.


I am making a new version of Contagion GUI mod, for v2+ BG2EE, because I want a comfort playtrough for myself :p, my alpha is almost ready, the only dialog box is left, but I need some help there.

K4thos, provided me with this very helpful link.


But I have some issues with internet connection , so I cannot download such large data size with images like in the link above. I will read it in the future.

For now I have done images and changed some fonts


Baldur.lua (where saves) - SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','UI Edit Mode','1') - UI.menu - ovverride . Nearinfinity - BGEE.lua , export to override.


BGEE.lua - "styles = ", right above you will see "fontcolors = ()" , added this string

fontcolors['Y'] = '21030401' -- Contagion Gui mod Black


in the end of "styles = " column, before closing parenthesis, added this

CGuiMod = 
color = 'Y',
font = 'NORMAL',
point = 12,
valign = 'top',
halign = 'left',
useFontZoom = 1,


And the I have added in the UI.menu stuff, this text style replaced standard one in the field where I need that, the respective fields I obtain by using and in the game.

Something like that:


Number of line - 640, this is class table in Charrec menu.


enabled "showClassInfo"
area 50 182 342 412
text lua "getClassString()"
text style 'CGuiMod'
scrollbar 'GUISCRC'


And I have an issue - the image of the hero, is look little don't fitting into boards, after modifying GUIREC2.MOS through NearInfinity.




And I see 4 numbers for the field "area" but I though on the 2D plane is enough 2 Axis :/ . So what is meaning of this four numbers? Is this a coordinates? How I can adjust them, to fit in hero image?

Obviously I need to understand how this coordinates works, before I will modd thos crazy dialogbox background image, and font colors...

Any other hit, advises, etc?



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Thanx but I have already fixed those stuff by myself. In game exist somekind of crazy coord. system. The upper left corner is seems to be it's origin. But I have saw negative values, and I do not know what the hell it was.

Anyway, indeed. first two number is coordinates of the LEFT upper corner of the any stuff HORIZONTAL - VERTICAL, next two numbers is the area of thos stuff WIDTH - HEIGHT. But Have not realized yet, well - when you increasing that are, to which side the values adding, I mean if you are increasing HEIGHT the stuff increasing from up or from bottom, or from both, simultaneously, but in this case, you need to divide, I mean when you are increasing something by 1, you need to add 0,5 to up and down sides.




Besides to modify dialog box background, it seems to need modify BOX5.PVRZ or something, there is a few *.PVRZ with such names. I will try, I hope it will work.




I have the any "text style" fields that I have found in the "Dialog Box" stuff, in UI.menu - but without much of success, anyway I have managed to change the background.



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