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Please help in adding Spell Revisions 'otiluke's resilient sphere' patch to game


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Thank you for such a great set of updates/ patches.


I love this.


I would appreciate if any help would be easily offered in adding the 'otiluke's resilient sphere' spell from SR to my game!


I have BG2EE 2.3, SCSv30 (latest) and find I would love to add this spells changes (namely that it allows friendlys to not resist it)


I have read the readme stating to put /* */ around spells you dont want


I was wondering where to put the /* */ if I want only this 1 spell. Maybe the first /*



/* ----Various---- */
// Scroll Of Restoration: no longer needed since addition of spellbook fixing code in v3
// adscroll.itm still copied over in case someone wants to CLUAConsole it for use on an old save game
COPY ~spell_rev\shared\adscroll.itm~ ~override~
near the top of the document?
Also would instead it just be possible to drag and drop the spl file from SR into the game dir?


By the way thank you for the mod I look forward to trying it again on another run though - seeing the newer versions


Thank you

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You can probably get away by replacing the entire contents of main_component.tpa with just these lines that install Otiluke's Resilient Sphere.

COPY ~spell_rev\spwi4##\spwi413.spl~     ~override~  // Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
COPY ~spell_rev\spwi4##\scrl5j.itm~     ~override~
COPY ~spell_rev\spwi4##\spwi413d.spl~     ~override~
COPY ~spell_rev\spwi4##\spwi413c.eff~     ~override~
COPY ~spell_rev\spwi4##\spwi413d.eff~     ~override~
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