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Passive auras implementation


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I'm trying to implement this kit:




DIVINATE OF HELM: Paladins of Helm follow the teachings of the god of guardians. They are dedicated to defending the weak and protecting important places against assault.


– Level 1: Gains Aura of Good passive ability.

AURA OF GOOD: This spell functions like Detect Evil, except that it detects the auras of good creatures, clerics or paladins of good deities.

– Level 3: Gains Aura of Courage passive ability.

AURA OF COURAGE: Paladin becomes immune to Fear (magical or otherwise). In addition, each ally within 10 feet gains +3 Morale Break bonus against Fear effects.

– Level 5: May cast Divine Bond once per day.

DIVINE BOND: Divinate of Helm forms a divine bond with The Watcher which allows the paladin to enhance the weapon as a standard action by calling upon the aid of a celestial spirit for 1 turn per paladin level. When called, the spirit causes the weapon to shed light. At 5th level, this spirit grants the weapon a +1 Enhancement bonus. For every four levels beyond 5th, the weapon gains another +1 Enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +5 at 21th level.

– Level 8: Gains Aura of Resolve passive ability.

AURA OF RESOLVE: Paladin becomes immune to Charm spells and spell-like abilities. In addition, each ally within 10 feet gains a +3 bonus to Saving Throws against all spells that belong to the Enchantment school.


– May not Turn Undead.
– May not cast Detect Evil.



Aura of Good was easy ([Target Caster] Cast Spell on Condition [self] -> Target in 'Special' range -> Anyone -> spell that runs Detect Alignment effect with permanent timing - not repeated thanks to Protection from spell opcode)

What I have problem with are constant passive auras that would automatically affect party members in 10 feet range (Aura of Courage and Aura of Resolve). Whatever I try I can't get these passive bonuses to work on them. I've checked Kit Revisions mod that claims to have working auras for Paladin but from what I tested auras don't work at all in that mod (only player1 is affected rather than allies). Hints how to implement it (especially when it comes to targeting and correct opcodes) would be appreciated since I don't have much experience with custom spells. Link to a mod that successfully implemented passive auras would be sufficient too (done without Bard songs since this is Paladin kit).

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Refinements (here is the newer ee-compatible version in case it has better implementation) have a "Holy Aura" for Paladins with the following description.



High-level Paladins can emit a powerful aura of goodness and purity. All party members and allies standing in a 10' radius area around them will gain a +2 bonus to AC and saves versus Evil aligned creatures. These effects are permanent as long as those protected by the paladin's aura stay close to him. Any creatures leaving the aura's area of effect will lose these protections in half a round. Bonuses from multiple auras are not cumulative.

I don't know if it is what you want but maybe it can help you.

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Thanks, OHNSHLD1.ITM global effect worked right away as GA_ kit ability. It also affects Player1 but it's not a big deal. Glad I asked instead of wasting another hour on this :) I will also take a look at Refinements implementation.

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Note, OHNSHLD1 only works on the EEs because it uses opcode 321.


I've used auras in about 6 different ways and have been refining how they work. The best, most recent way I've done it is to apply a spell on self with opcode 177, set the .eff to opcode 232 with condition = hp < 'special' %, and 'special' set to 102. The spell cast by this .eff will have your targeting - range, projectile, friends vs. enemies, etc. its first effect will be a 321 canceling itself, and then all of its other effects will last for 7 seconds. If you want to filter by alignment use 177 in this spell for the effects.


Alternatively, give this target spell permanent timing and run your filter through 326 to cast a secondary spell. And have the s condary spell start with 321 canceling itself and then going on to a bunch of 7-second effects.


EDIT - and in case you're having issues with range, try using the INAREAPA.PRO projectile with the targeting spell. And maybe upping the duration from 7 seconds to 9 seconds, since I think that projectile is non-instantaneous.

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