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  1. Maybe cdtweaks devs can contact flamewing and ask him to incorporate the tweak inside of cdtweaks, but until then you can install m7tweaks which has the following components (and also proper uncharming of Glaicas but i think it is already fixed by fixpack and is not needed) .
  2. Due to some problems i had in the past with DS and mods, i keep locally all the versions i find and there are (at least) the following versions: v3.95 which is the "updated" version of the older DS code and comes with the majority of mods (atweaks, questpack, rr, etc). It removes all duplicate entries except 156-161 (SCRIPTINGSTATE1-6). v3.95_dw (found in ascension commit 092ac9d24c55). It correctly keeps all the duplicates but does not sort (the sort_ids function is disabled due to missing the function return_first_entry). v3.96 (found in ascension commit c24fe75c92f7. i haven't saved the SCS commit but in most cases ascension DS is copied from SCS of that time) and v3.97 (commit a1d4ec4cef29). These correctly keep all the duplicates and sort correctly. They also need AUTO_EVAL_STRINGS on the main tp2 in order to be used. The only difference with v3.97 is that it removes DMWW entries where all older versions keep them. v3.9X (found in ascension v2.0.4 commit 2fb5d79073e1). Vastly difference code than v3.97. It correctly keeps all duplicates and sorts correctly. It contains some extra duplicate entries that miss the WIZARD_ prefix (for exaple 178 RESIST_FEAR). This clears the IDS map very frequently and runs quite slower than the older versions. Newer SCS versions. I do not remember correctly but i think they behave exactly like v3.9X but also need some sfo libs in order to run. Everything after v3.97 runs quite slower (i did a test run now and v3.97 ran in 3.5secs while v3.9x ran in 4.58secs. In a fully modded installation i think there was a big difference in time).
  3. It doesn't change anything in my points or yours but just for clarity, Improved Anvil never occured to my mind. I have heard of its reputation but i have never played it. The mods i wrote about, were Tactics (some cheesy battles of it) and a mod that it's name escapes my mind now and it introduces a new encounter in Spellhold with a hostile party which include a husband and wife that you need to kill in certain order because otherwise the remaining spouse goes into a rage and kills you. I re-read my post now and i do not find it insulting, but i apologize if you thought my post made fun of you by pointing to Improved Anvil or something and also to Caedwyr for "paying the price" for my post.
  4. I find it odd that a long-time user like yourself with so much knowledge about the game would say something like that. Isn't this "chess" game of using the correct step to countering X defense so that you then can counter Y defense the point of a tactical mod ? And "the player has to counter ALL of them" usually translates to using a sequence of just 2-3 spells (of course if you know which spells). For example, if you watch mivsan's playthrough, he plays with a full party (so we are not talking about people leveling fast) and uses his F/M PC and 1 other mage if i remember correctly (and at some point he removed edwin for imoen or some other "lesser" mage to make the game more challenging), so you definitely don't need a lot of mages or high-leveled ones to cope with enemies's defences. Also, one is not obligated to install the prebuffed components. There are of course mods that you can only beat encounters by reading the enemies' scripts and deduce what tactic you need to use or in which order you need to kill the enemies (because if you kill enemy X before enemy Y, you immediately die) but SCS plays fair. How is it that the player has no chance ? Unless we are talking about a first time player who doesn't know much about the game and shouldn't install a tactical mod. The only things i can recall disliking about SCS are a) the long install time and b) the script lag; and both are the engine's problems and not SCS's. The second is made worse, in my case, by the fact that i play the game through wine on linux and sometimes when enemies appear and their scripts fire, everything lags to a crawl. Other than that, SCS (and IR) is the greatest thing that happened to BG.
  5. Greetings. The talk about going to brynnlaw in the Rhynn Lanthorn thread reminded me of something that i wanted to mention for a long time but i never did. Is it possible for the "Higher cost to Spellhold" component to account for the Alternatives mod too ? When the component is installed, Gaelan asks for the correct amount but Aster still asks for 15K. I have changed locally gameplay/spellhold_cost.tpa#L26 as follows LAF swap_text INT_VAR allow_missing=1 STR_VAR files=~bodhi.dlg gaelan.dlg b!aster.dlg ar0800.bcs baldur.bcs~ swaps= ~ that is i added b!aster.dlg which is the only file that mentions the amount of gold (there is also b!ar1000.baf but the code is commented and not used) and also added INT_VAR allow_missing=1 so that it doesn't error out when someone doesn't use Alternatives. It seems to work but i don't know if it is the optimal way to do it. Thank you for your time.
  6. Damn, then the fault lies elsewhere. I was sure that it was the lack of libpthread because it was the only difference the two trees had. Back to the drawing board Thank you for testing it.
  7. Greetings. [Intro] Lately when i ran gemrb it segfaulted in OpenALAudio:cpp:222 "context = alcCreateContext(device, NULL)"; I tried different OpenAL versions and it always segfaulted. If i modify gemrb.cfg and disable sound then it works fine. It only segfaults with OpenAL. I thought it is an openal fault so i tried to make a minimal C program that reproduces the issue. No matter what i did, i couldn't make it segfault so i came back to gemrb. I did the first thing i do when something segfaults. Recompiling it without LTO and see if it works. And of course it works fine. I could leave it at that and enjoy gemrb but i couldn't I needed to find why it does that. Anyway, after isolating compilation parameters to see what is the fault i found that its not LTO but the combination of LTO and as-needed linker option. I use LTO and as-needed for a long time (at least since Feb 2017) and gemrb always worked. Something else that has changed in the mean time must trigger the problem. I used gemrb on Tumbleweed for some time now so while i compiled it on Gentoo, i didn't ran it and missed the problem. I tried Gcc 8.something, 9.2, 9.3 and all produce the segfault (hm now that i think of it, i haven't tried different linker versions). However, all programs are built with the same *FLAGS (this is Gentoo) and only gemrb segfaults. [/Intro] Whether OpenAL is compiled with or without LTO doesn't make any difference at all. The problem seems to be with gemrb and pthread. OpenALAudio.so is the same in all cases and correctly links with pthread. The gemrb binary however With as-needed but without LTO, it is linked with pthread and works. Without as-needed but with LTO, it is linked with pthread and works With as-needed and with LTO, it is _not_ linked with pthread and segfaults. With a quick search, i haven't found any calls of threading functions in the source code for the gemrb binary (so maybe that is why the linker thinks it doesn't need pthread), but it seems that libpthread is needed. Anybody cares to try compiling germb (the latest git for example) with LTO and as-needed enabled and inform us if it works or if my findings are coincidental and something else is at foot ? export CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -flto" export CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}" export LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed -flto" Setting the above flags (before running cmake) should be enough to reproduce the issue i think. Thank you for your time.
  8. Greetings. If there is someone that hasn't finished the game yet, my post contains Post-Underdark spoilers. One thing that annoys me is that when i leave underdark and i have Viconia with me (almost everytime), she is forced by Elhan to accept a geas spell without me being able to say anything (i don't like in general when a game railroads you without giving you a choice). He interrogates me pestering me with stupid questions, he needs my help to get the lanthorn because he can't travel to human lands and he has the audacity to mess with my teammates. One course of action could be that Viconia leaves your party and meets you at another point (i think Yasraena does that). Some other courses i thought are a) Adalon informing Viconia that the surface elves will be very suspicious towards her and offering her to disguise her as surface elf (with viconia being able to refuse leading to the original behavior), b) even better giving the player the option to strenuously object to Elhan's behavior, even threatening him or something. I would try to implement it myself and open a pull request but i don't know anything about dialog scripting so i leave the idea here in case some of the devs like my proposal. A pet peeve of mine is that sometimes i get stuck on insignificant little details like this one. Or the guy in Adventurer's mart that warns you not to steal. Oh how i hate that guy My current playthrough is with a Cavalier Paladin with amazing reputation and still the guy warns me not to steal. Thank you for your time.
  9. Can you try this https://pastebin.com/DE71jzpV It a bit old too but i think it is better than the one in the gentoo tree. I wrote it because gentoo didn't have a SDL2 gemrb ebuild and i wanted to get rid of SDL1. I haven't tried all options but i have tried sdl, sdl2+opengl, sdl2-opengl scenarios and all worked. At that time, opengl gave me some problems (i can't remember what, maybe flickering or rendering issues) so i personally settled for sdl2 - opengl. I haven't tried the subviews branch with it but i use it as gemrb-9999 and recompile the git version every now and then and it compiles fine with the git tree.
  10. Amazing work as always, lynx. Thank you.
  11. Offtopic to the banning, am i the only one that gets annoyed by this holier than thou talk of "not a random community" and especially this myth that goes around for years that the BD forums are very friendly in contrast to other fora ? It is insulting and demeaning to the efforts of the G3 team / shsforums team and other communities. I am not a member here and SHS for long but i read the two fora for years and also gamebanshee (before they "upgraded" to a new forum software version that made it unreadable for me) and the older ironworks forum. All of them had friendly people that answered questions and provided useful information for years before beamdog was even an idea to the creators's minds. I know there are some downtimes in SHS's case but all 4 fora continue to be maintained to this day for our benefit and they will probably exist long after BD gets bored and closes their forum (like bioware did).
  12. I love the fact that Shandyr's profile mentions that in December 2019 alone, he got badges for 1K, 1.5K, 2.5K insightfuls. So according to forum readers, he is a good member that has posted useful content but according to the forum team he is not welcome. One badge description is even "You must be a source of inspiration for the community." He is an inspiration for the community ? Ban him
  13. I can't remember for sure what i did in 2016. Maybe some of the changes exposed bugs in vanilla (like the purple magic golems and the planetars) but i think it was only changes for IA.
  14. I use IA in gemrb for a long time now and the only thing i did is modify the avatars.2da. You don't need a patch like the original engine. I ended up also modifying the bgmain patch and the file prefixes but only because i use linux and the μ and other prefixes wouldn't work. The only problem that remains is that gemrb uses the frame count as speed for the animations (which works for some of the original animations) but i suppose the IA animations have more frames and so many creatures have lightning speed I modified the gemrb code to read the speed from a 2da file (in the fashion of EE) but i couldn't get the speed of the animations. The plan was to use scripting in the original engine to measure how long it takes for a creature to travel between two specific points but i couldn't get it. Do you know how fast each animation should go or do you have any way to find out ? If yes, then IA will be able to run fine in GemRB. Edit: Here is a diff of the changes i made. Disregard the prefixes as they correspond only for my filenames. I set the type / space / size by trial and error to make the animations be the same as the originals. I think that i made an area with all the changed creatures and verified that they appear the same between original engine and gemrb but i may remember wrong.
  15. Wasn't there a debate a long time ago about which is the correct value for grandmastery ? Something that it shouldn't give +1.5Apr but only +1 Apr (or +0.5 from specialization like greenhorn said). The readme said +1 and the implementation gave +1.5. I don't think a consensus about which is the correct value was reached and in the end the readme changed to reflect the implementation. I may misremember though.
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