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  1. I love the fact that Shandyr's profile mentions that in December 2019 alone, he got badges for 1K, 1.5K, 2.5K insightfuls. So according to forum readers, he is a good member that has posted useful content but according to the forum team he is not welcome. One badge description is even "You must be a source of inspiration for the community." He is an inspiration for the community ? Ban him
  2. I can't remember for sure what i did in 2016. Maybe some of the changes exposed bugs in vanilla (like the purple magic golems and the planetars) but i think it was only changes for IA.
  3. I use IA in gemrb for a long time now and the only thing i did is modify the avatars.2da. You don't need a patch like the original engine. I ended up also modifying the bgmain patch and the file prefixes but only because i use linux and the μ and other prefixes wouldn't work. The only problem that remains is that gemrb uses the frame count as speed for the animations (which works for some of the original animations) but i suppose the IA animations have more frames and so many creatures have lightning speed I modified the gemrb code to read the speed from a 2da file (in the fashion of EE) but i couldn't get the speed of the animations. The plan was to use scripting in the original engine to measure how long it takes for a creature to travel between two specific points but i couldn't get it. Do you know how fast each animation should go or do you have any way to find out ? If yes, then IA will be able to run fine in GemRB. Edit: Here is a diff of the changes i made. Disregard the prefixes as they correspond only for my filenames. I set the type / space / size by trial and error to make the animations be the same as the originals. I think that i made an area with all the changed creatures and verified that they appear the same between original engine and gemrb but i may remember wrong.
  4. Wasn't there a debate a long time ago about which is the correct value for grandmastery ? Something that it shouldn't give +1.5Apr but only +1 Apr (or +0.5 from specialization like greenhorn said). The readme said +1 and the implementation gave +1.5. I don't think a consensus about which is the correct value was reached and in the end the readme changed to reflect the implementation. I may misremember though.
  5. Greetings. Thank you for another great mod. All mods that give more content to Imoen are welcome. I have some questions: 1) Is there a different story incentive to go to Brynnlaw if you have Imoen in the party ? 2) Do you have any idea about compatibility with the "Imoen Friendship" and "Imoen Romance" mods ? I guess since the dialogs start when you rescue Imoen from Spellhold, the mods should work fine (but you won't get any dialogs during your travels before brynnlaw ofcourse) ? 3) The mods that mess with Imoen2 and Imoen variables like "Eternal Imoen" or "Continuous Imoen" are incompatible i guess ? Thank you
  6. More a question rather than a bug. The usual installation order until now was Ascension -> Wheels of Prophecy -> Edwin Romance at least according to BWP because Edwin Romance has different dialog has code that accounts for WoP so it should be installed after it. The readme in v2.0.6 has been updated and says that WoP should be installed after ascension (as always) but ER should be installed before ascension and therefore before WoP too. Will this new order pose a problem for the interaction of ER and WoP ?
  7. I read in your weidu.log that you have ascension 2.0.3 installed. Is it possible that you have the same problem as me with opcode 282 ? @DavidW does the later installation of SCS 32.2 which has the fixed Detectable Spells version undo the damage from the ascension DS ?
  8. Bugs will always slip through. Don't sweat it. If it wasn't clear from my message i am grateful for all your effort and for the great mods you give us. I wasn't trying to put blame or something like that. As a temporary workaround, i copied all .spl files and ran DELETE_SPELL_EFFECT with opcode_to_delete=282 and (at least up to the point i have played) i don't have any crashes.
  9. Does anyone else get crashes on classic BG2 with tobex engine ? I started a new playthrough and in Waukeen's Promenade after the cutscene ends, i immediately got a crash. I tracked it down to the mod ruad. It uses a script that runs the wizard spells "protection from fire / cold". I removed every mod but tobex, bg2fixpack, ascension and i can still trigger the crash. I tracked it down to the DS component of ascension that adds a set scripting state (282 opcode) with BUFF_PRO_DAMAGE to some spells. If i remove this effect, everything works correctly. I tried to understand what the problem is but couldn't and IESDP doesn't have much information. In my case, the BUFF_PRO_DAMAGE stat gets the number 233 so the effect uses the number 77 (156 + 77 = 233). If i modify spwi319 and try to set other states, i get crashes with some numbers (e.g 50, 60) but it works with others (e.g 49, 65). If i give BUFF_PRO_DAMAGE the number 236 in stats.ids and modify the effect accordingly (to 80 so that 156+80 = 236) it works without crashing. It seems to work with some numbers and crash with others. It is likely that the crash happens with other spells too and i just happened to notice it with Protection from Fire (at least all the BUFF_PRO_DAMAGE spells should crash). If someone has a classic BG2 installation and wants to test it, some rough steps are the following: a) install tobex, fixpack and ascension b) start a TOB game (to avoid the lengthy Irenicus cutscene), import TOBMAGE character c) clua in scrl6h (which runs spwi319.spl) d) use it on yourself.and see if it crashes. Also, does anyone know a fix for this ? Thank you
  10. Greetings. Does wheels of prophecy 8.2 fail to install on someone else ? When i have only installed ascension components 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, then WoP fails to clone balelit creatures because they don't exist. I had to install ascension component 1100 (Tougher Balthazar) and then WoP installs correctly. Edit: I did a quick browse of the old weidu ascension and it copied a folder with a bunch of creatures (including balelit*.cre) regardless of what components you installed, so the creatures would always exist. The new 2.0.X ascension only copies the creatures when Tougher Balthazar is installed. Can ascension account for this or is the correct action for WoP to change and account for the new ascension ? Thank you
  11. Thank you for replying. If my post can be read as implying that DavidW didn't know what he was doing then i apologize. At no time i even thought of something like that. I just wanted to avoid having two codebases being developed independently.
  12. Forgive me for hijacking the thread but i don't know where else to post it. SHS is down and this thread is the most recent thread about DS and has all the relevant people in it. Feel free to move it elsewhere if this is the wrong place for it. Over the years i have noticed many DS versions being used by mods (some of them messing with stats when reordering them so that some mods cannot be installed because they can't find some stat they want). I haven't followed the progression to the letter but it seems there are 3 versions used by major mods. At least from the git repos that i follow, i notice the following: 1) Many mods use a version named v3-20180512 (for example atweaks, rogue rebalancing) 2) Other mods use a version named v3.1 (for example item revisions). I am not a weidu expert but this version seems better to me than the 20180512. Some differences are that it uses some inline tables of spells and stats, the function names have the prefix ds_, a file that is used by the mod is named ag#dsal2.2da instead of ag#dsalt.2da, and it uses the function sort_array instead of SORT_ARRAY_INDICES. 3) spell revisions use version v3.95 with many changes by Ardanis which looks even better to me. Some differences are that the inline tables have many more values in them, some stats are named differently (for example 166 is changed from DMWW_SLOT_166 to MELEE_THACO_BONUS, etc). Until here, everything is ok. I thought that eventually every mod will settle using the 3.95 version that spell revisions does but a few days ago, when i ran git pull on the ascension mod, i saw a commit that copied a new version of DS called v3.95_dw from the upcoming 32 version of SCS. One change is that instead of inline tables, it uses associative array. It doesn't look very different to me but i can't say for sure. So i have some questions about this: 1) Is there a problem if a mod that is installed earlier uses an earlier (and presumably buggy) version of DS ? When a later mod is installed, does the DS run again (and presumably fix the bugs) or it sees that DS is installed and doesn't run (locally i have modified all the mods in game to use v3.95 but i ask out of curiosity). 2) Is there a central development location (let's call it "upstream") so that changes can be shared and avoid having in the future 2-3 codebases which have diverged very much from each other ? Thank you for your time.
  13. I don't know what this means. Maybe it is a case issue ? I think it tried to copy bolt01.itm from the items.bif file but it can't access the bif file.
  14. If you read the file lib/bg1npc_always.tpa, the first line checks for the file dlc/sod-dlc.zip and if it exists, it prints the error message you got. I am not familiar with modmerge so i don't know how it works. If i understood the GO code in github, it is supposed to rename the zip file to .zip.disabled when it finishes, so maybe modmerge didn't install completely ? Try re-running modmerge if you want or wait to hear from someone more knowledgeable than me.
  15. Is it possible that you ran weinstall not from the base EE directory but from the bg1npc directory ? In your screenshot you have weidu.log and setup-bg1npc.debug files inside the bg1npc folder. This gave me the impression that you ran weinstall from inside bg1npc and when i tried it, i indeed get the same translation errors you got.
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