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ToB NPCs causes Imoen to start at lvl 7/15

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Thanks to the developers for their work on this mod. I installed it yesterday for the first time, on a non-EE BGT install with assorted other mods, and started a new game from Candlekeep. Imoen started as dual class t/m at level 7/15 (though with zero xp). After some troubleshooting, I found that uninstalling the ToB-style NPC's component fixed the problem. I can't seem to find this problem mentioned elsewhere so I figured I would post it.

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And what was your characters level ?

And was this the Imoen in the Lion's Way area(the area next to the Candlekeep), or the Candlekeep itself ? As those two should be very different ones... or some mod added area that just looked like Candlekeep. I just want to eliminate the other possibilities.

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My character started at level 1 as normal. I only checked Imoen once acquired in Lion's Way area, though there and in Candlekeep she wore black (she wore green in both areas after uninstalling ToB-style NPC component).


I did not go pick up Xzar and Montaron to check them, though I can reinstall the component and do that if it would be helpful.

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Ok, I completely uninstalled v2 and installed v3 with the ToB-style NPC component. Problem reoccurred. Imoen is actually level 7/24 (it was the same earlier I believe, I guessed level 15). Also, Imoen actually wears purple in Candlekeep and wears black in Lion's Way area. I went and picked up Xzar and Montaron, they are both level 1.

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